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Atlanta Vs. Philadelphia Live Stream: Watch The Eagles Fight The Falcons In The NFL Playoffs

It’s an aviary football showdown! The soaring Philadelphia Eagles look to clip the Atlanta Falcons’ wings. This NFL Playoff game starts at 4:30 PM ET so tune in to watch every second!

The Atlanta Falcons pulled off a massive upset, defeating the dominant Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 NFL Wildcard round. Now, they have a much bigger, fiercer challenge ahead of them: the Philadelphia Eagles. Though Philly lost their star quarterback Carson Wentz, 25, before the end of the regular season, they managed to pull off some noteworthy victories with their backup, Nick Foles, 28. With the Dirty Birds flying north to Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field, will the home field advantage be enough for the Eagles to soar above Matt Ryan, 32, and the rest of the Falcons? Or will Atlanta continue its march back to the Super Bowl?

The Eagles, the No. 1 seed in the NFC, will make history with the game…but not in a way they’d like. The Falcons are a 2.5-point favorite over Philly, making the Eagles the first No. 1 seed to be an underdog in the divisional round since 1970, according to the Washington Post. Only five previous home teams have been underdogs, but they were No. 2 seeds. To see what is arguably the best team in the NFC basically be considered a lucky loser is indeed a shock.

The issue that has Vegas oddsmakers spooked about the Eagles is that Nick Foles has only completed 54.0 percent of his passes for a 77.7 passer rating in his first three starts. The Eagles’ offense has also dipped since the changing of the guards, dropping down to 1.2 points per drive from 2.4. The 0-16 Cleveland Browns were averaging 1.2 points per drive during the regular season. That should give anyone a scare. With the Falcons determined to redeem themselves from last year’s Super Bowl self-destruction, Philly better get good – and fast – if they want to survive this game. Otherwise, the Eagles will be watching Super Bowl 52 from the comfort of their couches in the city of Brotherly Love.

Football fans can watch this game via NBC Sports’ streaming portal (after entering in the required information.) Click Here to watch the Falcons Vs. Eagles Game Live Stream

Do you think the Falcons will head back to the Super Bowl, Mwbuzzers?

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Buffalo Bills Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars Live Stream: Watch The NFL Playoffs Wild Card Game

For the first time in nearly 20 years, the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs. They take on the Jacksonville Jaguars in a Wild Card match at 1:00 PM ET. Which team will advance?

When the Cincinnati Bengals upset the Baltimore Ravens with a 31-27 defeat, the loss knocked the Ravens out of contention, allowing the Buffalo Bills to end their 18-year playoff drought (thanks, also in part, to their 22-16 win over the Miami Dolphins.) Now, it’s up to the Bills to see if they can go all the way to Super Bowl 52. First up: the Jacksonville Jaguars. Yes, 2018 is a year in which both the Bills and the Jags made the NFL postseason. This bizarro matchup sees the Bills travel to EverBank Field in Florida (where it was snowing recently, btw.) This year is just so weird and it just started.

Consider this: the Jags ended their 2015 regular season 5-11. The next year? They go went 3-13. One year later, they not only go 10-6, but they win the AFC South. How did this happen? In addition to having Jalen Ramsey and A.J. Bouye, the “best cornerback tandem in the league” according to The Ringer, they also have running back Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles, a quarterback often considered the butt to a really bad joke. Yet, as they go into the playoffs, the Jags are ready to silence their critics.

“It’s funny that we’re the sixth-best offense in the league and no one wants to talk about it,” Nathaniel Hackett, offensive coordinator for the Jags, told The Ringer. “I tell my guys, ‘We’ve been the sh*ts for years and everyone is going to think we’re the shIts. That’s OK, because we’re going to beat them and they are going to be disrespected and think it’s horrible and think, ‘I can’t get believe I got beat by the Jags.’ For us, it’s about continuing to do it so they don’t have a choice but to change their opinions.”

As for the Bills, they’re just basking in the feeling of making the postseason. “It’s such an emotional moment,” Sean McDermott, the Bills’ first-year coach, said after they made it, per ESPN. “No one gave this team a chance all year long. Our fans have been great all season long, and I’m looking forward to seeing them at our playoff game.” It seems that this game is a matchup between two squads looking for respect. It should be a great game!

Football fans can watch this game – check local listings – via CBS Sports official coverage (after entering in the appropriate login info.) Click here to watch the Bills Vs. Jaguars Wild Card live stream.

Do you think either of these teams will make it to the Super Bowl, Mwbuzzers?

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Tennessee Vs. Kansas City Live Stream: Watch The Titans Take On The Chiefs In The NFL Playoffs

It’s time to get wild, because it’s Wild Card weekend! The Tennessee Titans challenge the Kansas City Chiefs at 4:35 PM ET, so tune in to see who walks away with a win!

Does it get any more exciting than the NFL Playoffs? While the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings enjoy a week off, the remaining teams go head-to-head in the Wild Card round. Up first is an AFC match between two towering teams, as the Tennessee Titans head to Arrowhead Stadium to meet the Kansas City Chiefs on their home turf. While both teams are less than perfect, it should be an interesting match, with the winner facing either the Patriots or the Steelers. Yikes.

“Everybody is good at this point, right? Everybody still left playing is really good,” said KC quarterback Alex Smith, 33, per Fox Sports. The Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game in nearly a quarter century, something that will play on Alex’s mind when he take the snap. “The season is on the line, you win or go home. I think that adds to the intensity.” If snapping one streak wasn’t motivation enough, Alex has lost three out of his four meetings with the Titans. This is his chance to nail two birds with one stone.

Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota would be happy to hit one bird, as he’s thrown a career-high 15 interceptions this season, second only to Cleveland BrownsDeShone Kizer’s 21. His 78.6 passer rating is ranked 30th out of quarterbacks attempting at least 100 passes. Despite this poor performance, he’s still optimistic about this meeting. “Everyone is just really excited. …. It is a clean slate, everyone has an opportunity. There’s a chance to go win it all. I think everything kind of intensifies and guys understand every play counts,” he said, per the team’s official website.

Sports fans can watch this game via ESPN’s streaming portal (after entering in their appropriate login info.) Click here to watch the Titans Vs. Chiefs Wild Card playoff game online.

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl, Mwbuzzers? Do you think either of these teams will go all the way?

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Carolina Vs. Atlanta: Watch As The Falcons Try To Make The NFL Playoffs

It’s do or die for the Atlanta Falcons. If they don’t beat the Carolina Panthers, they can kiss their NFL playoff hopes good-bye. Kickoff is at 4:25 PM ET so don’t miss it!

It’s amazing the changes that can happen in a single season. The Atlanta Falcons have gone from competing (and losing) the Super Bowl to the verge of missing the playoffs entirely! Matt Ryan, 32, needs to lead the Dirty Birds to one more win in order to secure one of the last spots in the 2017-18 postseason. The problem? They have to face the surging Carolina Panthers. Will “Matty Ice” wake his dormant offense, or will the Panthers make a quick snack out of the Falcons?

The Panthers have already secured a spot in the playoffs – so have the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints. Speaking of the Saints, the New Orleans squad is probably why the Panthers won’t roll over and purr for the Falcons. Though Carolina has clinched a spot, a win over Atlanta (and a Saints loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) would give the Panthers the NFC South title. It would also give them a first-round bye. While that scenario seems like a long shot, it’s at least a shot, so the Panthers will be at their best for this match.

Atlanta was once considered an offensive juggernaut in the 2016 season (thought, a juggernaut that happened to run out of gas in the second half of Super Bowl 51. Ouch.) They’re currently 15th in points per game, a year when they lead the league in PPG. Matt has also thrown more interceptions (four) than touchdowns (three) in the past four games, per CBS Sports, and their red-zone offense has “completely tanked.” Julio Jones, 28, hasn’t caught a touchdown during the past four-game slump, and they’re about to take this limping offense against a defense that’s seventh in yards allowed and third in sacks.

“We’ve put ourselves into a position where we have an opportunity to play our way in.” Matt said ahead of this game, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. At the beginning of the year, that what you always want is to be in the mix. We are excited about that. You know, it doesn’t matter. We have to win one game. We’ve got to worry about the opponent that we are going against and have the best week of preparation that we can. Not trying to do anything out of the ordinary. Just do what we do, the best that we can do it. That’s usually the best recipe for success.” Hopefully, the Falcons are ready for the Panthers, or this game will mark the end of their season.

Sports fans can watch this game via Fox Sports (check local listings) after entering in the appropriate login info. Click here to watch the Carolina Panthers Vs. Atlanta Falcons Live Stream

Do you think the Atlanta Falcons will make the playoffs, Mwbuzzers?

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