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Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth’s Wedding Plans: Why Tying The Knot ‘Isn’t In Their Near Future’

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth sadly did not get hitched while they were in Australia, despite reports that they did. A source close to her EXCLUSIVELY told why the two are holding off. Find out why here!

These two aren’t in wedded bliss… yet! Miley Cyrus, 25, and Liam Hemsworth, 28, have not changed their marital status and won’t anytime soon, despite a bombshell report that they impulsively got secretly married in a private ceremony in Byron Bay, Australia. A source close to her EXCLUSIVELY set the record straight about all the secret wedding rumors that have been swirling recently around Miley and Liam. “Miley and Liam didn’t get married, they’re just enjoying a vacation in Australia with Liam’s family,” our source said. “Miley would never even dream of getting hitched without her mom, dad, sister and brother there to share her big day, it’s just not something she would do. Both Miley and Liam are agreed that they want to wait until they’re older before thinking about any kind of wedding — they’re ecstatically happy as they are right now, and figure, if it ain’t broke why fix it?”

But just because these two lovebirds won’t be walking down the aisle and saying “I do” anytime soon doesn’t mean they aren’t fully invested in their relationship. “They both wear a promise ring on their wedding finger, and they are totally committed to each other, but marriage isn’t in their near future, it’s still at least a couple of years away,” our source went on to say. While it’s a bummer they haven’t tied the knot yet, at least marriage is totally on their radar and they’re not rushing into anything too fast!

While Liam just celebrated his 28th birthday, that was the only big life event that happened in Miley and Liam’s relationship recently. Time will tell when wedding bells will be in their future! Click here to see pics of celebs, including Miley and Liam, who had the hottest New Year’s Eve kisses of all-time!

Mwbuzzers, when do you think Miley and Liam will eventually tie the knot? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Plans For ‘Fairytale’ Wedding With White Theme & Organic Food

Looks like Prince Harry is pulling out all the stops to ensure his soon-to-be bride Meghan Markle has the most unforgettable wedding day ever! Details!

Dying for details on Meghan Markle‘s, 36, upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry, 33? So is the rest of the human race! Now, some info has leaked concerned what exactly guests and fans will be seeing when they tune in for the historic wedding on May 19! “Miss Markle has described it as reflecting a fairytale wedding, which, of course, is really what it is,” an insider tells the Daily Mail. “They are having huge fun planning this. No one has ever seen Prince Harry quite like it.” Head her for tons more images of Meghan and her royal redhead!

Curious what guests will be dining on after the ceremony? The source said that, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the menu eventually reflects some of Meghan’s Los Angeles heritage.” We’re guessing that means some colorful and healthy organic cuisine, which is definitely Meghan’s speed! However, they also added that, Harry will likely want a “best of British” theme. Another insider shared this detail, which sounds like it pretty much sums up the plan: “They want it to be fun and reflective of themselves as a couple and of their family and friends that will be there. It will still very much be a royal wedding – just not a traditional one.”

However, just because Meghan and Harry appear to planning a slightly more laid-back event, don’t start thinking that everyone details won’t be scrutinized! The wedding will feature a “white and classic” look and the original source says the former actress has been “very hands-on” with the planning. Also, attendees should expect some surprises along the way! Meghan reportedly wants the affair to include some “quirky” elements. What could that mean?! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Mwbuzzers, are you loving these juicy details as much as us?! Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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Kylie Jenner Keeping Pregnancy A Secret As Long As Possible: Her Plans Revealed

Kylie Jenner wants to keep her baby bump under wraps for as long as she can and is planning every step of how she publicly deals with her last trimester of pregnancy. Get EXCLUSIVE details here!

Kylie Jenner, 20, is liking the fact that she’s been hiding her pregnancy and wants to keep her baby bump covered from the public for as long as she can, possibly even until after she gives birth. “Kylie wants to keep the worst kept secret still very vague until she actually has the baby,” a source close to Kylie EXCLUSIVELY told “She doesn’t want anyone to know when she will be at the hospital and in labor, she doesn’t want anyone to get the shot of the baby because she would like to sell that photo and she doesn’t want it to be a part of the show until the baby is actually born. But she is going to move forward pretty much the same way how Kim [Kardashian] has dealt with it with her children. Revealing things very limitedly or not at all.” See pics of Kylie and other celebs hiding their baby bumps here!

Kylie’s decision to stay away from the public during her pregnancy is definitely one she is feeling very serious about considering she shockingly didn’t appear in any of the annual Kardashian/Jenner Christmas card photos last month. Always being in the public eye is something she’s used to so it seems she wants to take this precious moment in her life and keep it close to her and the ones she loves. “She doesn’t have many things for herself and with this being her first baby, she wants to make it as special and real as it possibly can be and then make everything about her private life take the turn to public life,” the source continued. ” She wants to give something to herself before she gives it up to the world.”

Kylie isn’t the only one who wants to keep the baby reports hush hush, either. Baby daddy, Travis Scott, 25, also dismissed any confirmation when asked about the reports in a recent interview. It looks like we’ll just have to wait until Kylie and her crew are fully ready to find out anything about the upcoming bundle of joy! Oh well! The longer time goes by, the more exciting it will be when we find out, right?

Mwbuzzers, do you want Kylie to reveal her pregnancy soon? Let us know your opinions!

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Olivia Nova Revealed Big Plans To Start Charity & Finish School In Last Interview Before Death

This is so tragic. Adult film star Olivia Nova dreamed of starting a charity and finishing school, she revealed before her sudden death.

Just five months before Olivia Nova’s tragic death, she revealed she had plans for life beyond starring in adult films. In an interview with photographer Dave Naz, which you can watch below, Olivia explained that she wanted to finish school. When asked where she thought she would be in ten years, she said, “I plan on graduating school. I also have this huge project, it’s non-profit, that I want to be a part of.” She appeared to be extremely excited for her future, and exuded confidence! This only makes her death more upsetting.

In addition to her adult film career, Olivia shared that she was working on her own album. Who knew she had so many aspirations?! She told Dave she was deeply inspired by the late Amy Winehouse. Sadly, her music career never came into fruition. The beautiful actress was only 20-years-old when her body was found in Las Vegas on Jan. 7. She was loved and admired by many. “While only represented by Direct Models for a short period of time, we came to know Olivia as a beautiful girl with a very sweet and gentle personality,” a representative of Direct Models said, regarding her death.

Although there are few details surrounding her passing, we do know that she seemed very lonely. She shared her frustration in a telling tweet, when she said, “Alone on the holidays and want to give a fan a holiday call. Would lift my spirits.” Our hearts go out to Olivia Nova’s family and loved ones during this difficult time. Keep coming back to HollywoodLife, as details surrounding her tragic story are still developing.

Mwbuzzers, are you surprised to hear Olivia had such big dreams? Let us know your thoughts below!

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‘Marvel’s Runaways’ Season Finale: Can The Kids Escape From LA? Jonah Has Other Plans

The Runaways are a family now, and won’t let anything stand in their way — even Jonah. Find out what happens in the season 1 finale of ‘Marvel’s Runaways’ here!

We pick up where we left up in the last episode, a showdown between the kids and the parents — one family vs. another. The Runaways are about to use their powers against Pride, until Jonah steps into the mix. He easily blasts Molly away as she’s about to hurl something huge at the parents, much to their collective horror. As much as Pride wants the kids to step away from the drill, they don’t want to hurt them, either. They’re their kids!

And Karolina realizes that Jonah’s only come there for one kid: his own. She tells the others to run, sacrificing herself to face Jonah — her true father. Guess who can also light up like Rainbow Brite? Karolina’s powers run in the family! When they battle one another, something magical happens; a mysterious portal opens up, and all the lights in the area go out. Seriously; it’s insane (and epic).

The Runaways have to hatch a plan to survive. They’re going on the lam. And that means leaving Gert’s dinosaur behind, both for the kids’ and its’ safety. It’s surprisingly heartbreaking, and we’d be lying if we didn’t tear up. They’re terrified that Karolina died in the battle, but she’s alive. Or at least being kept alive in the strange room with the same mask that kept Jonah alive.

Frank isn’t quitting on Karolina, even if she isn’t biologically his daughter. “She loves me, and he loves whatever’s in that hole,” he tells Leslie. But Karolina’s parents are ushered away from Karolina. It’s implied that he’s going to take her away from them and fine-tune her powers. Speaking of parents, Gert’s mother and father want to know exactly why Molly’s parents perished in that fire. They find out that they’ve been hating the wrong person this whole time. Tina reveals that Leslie was at the lab that night — not her. It’s all coming out in their collective hate for Jonah.

Gert’s parents use their sound wave tech at the construction site to see if they can figure out what’s actually in the hole. Renewable energy, sure. Whatever’s down there…it’s alive. Chase and Molly have pretended to be troubled orphans (half right, actually) to get taken away by Gibborim. At the church, they get some help courtesy of Vaughn, Leslie’s assistant who’s been convinced to be on their side. He brings them to Karolina, whom they successfully manage to rescue.

Alex, Niko, and Gert are waiting in a stolen Gibborim van. It’s then revealed that Vaughn was working on the orders of Leslie, who wanted them to escape. There’s always more to Leslie’s plans, though. Is she really letting the Runaways go? Someone isn’t. The kids attempt to finally escape from LA by taking a bus to anywhere that’s leaving first.

They’re about to board when the local news pops up on the TV at the bus station: there’s an amber alert out for Molly Hernandez, who’s been kidnapped by a group of local teens. They’re also wanted on suspicion for the murder of Destiny Gonzalez. Who’s framing the Runaways? And what will happen to them next?

They might end up like Niko’s sister Amy if they’re not careful. That’s right, Amy didn’t commit suicide 10 years ago. Jonah murdered her in cold blood. Why? She hacked into the servers at the lab. Only Amy wasn’t looking for Pride secrets — she was just trying to figure out how to work the Wizard. She died for nothing, and now Tina’s out for revenge. We won’t know what happens to the kids (or Jonah, or Pride) until Marvel’s Runaways returns.

Mwbuzzers, are you shocked by how season 1 of Marvel’s Runaways ended? Let us know! Oh, and guess what? The show has already been renewed for a second season! Looking forward to recapping season 2 for you!

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Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka’s Baby Plans Revealed: When Does She Plan On Getting Pregnant?

Paris Hilton & Chris Zylka just got engaged, but are they already set on starting a family together asap? We exclusively learned Paris’ pregnancy plans, & you may be surprised!

Got babies on the brain? Apparently Paris Hilton, 36, very much does! After getting engaged to Chris Zylka, 32, the star has reportedly never been more ready to settle down and start a family — and she said so herself at a Golden Globes after-party on Jan. 8. Not only were Paris and her man all over each other on the dance floor, but she also was overheard telling a friend that she’s ready to get pregnant “soon!” Click here to see throw-back pics of Paris and Kim Kardashian together.

At around 2 am, Paris, her parents, and Chris, were spotted dancing to Michael Jackson at an HBO after-party. The socialite-turned-DJ was kissing her man and was “not shy at all to show affection,” according to one of our sources who attended the party. Our insider also noted that Paris was NOT drinking, and overheard a friend asking her if she wanted a drink. “[Paris] passed on the request and her friend said, ‘What, are you pregnant?’ Paris laughed and smiled and said, ‘No, but I hope to be soon,’ ” our source shared with us EXCLUSIVELY. So it looks like babies ARE already on the brain for the newly-engaged celeb! How exciting is THAT?

Paris and the gang ended up leaving the party at 2:27 am, and they were reportedly “hanging out” and “having fun” up until they left. “It is very clear that Paris and her man really like each other, as they were all over each other,” our source said. “Her parents are very happy with her choice in a man because they were laughing along and talking to him all night. Looks like everything is going very well with them.”

As previously reported, while Paris’ family totally approves of Chris, they’re surprised Paris — who’s known for partying — is willing to settle down so quickly. “Paris‘ close family and friends are shocked that she wants to settle down, get married, and start a family with Chris,” a source close to Paris told us EXCLUSIVELY.

Paris has always been the wild child in the family, traveling, working, and always up for a party, so those close to her are having a hard time believing that she is going to slow down and start her own family. But that is exactly what she is telling people.” We wish you both the best of luck, Chris and Paris!

Tell us, Mwbuzzers — are you excited to see Paris as a mom? Do you think she’ll be pregnant by the end of the year?

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Tiny Drops Big Hint About Her Reality TV Plans For 2018: ‘Bigger & Better’

Tiny is about to have the best year ever! The Xscape singer revealed on Instagram that she’s ready to drop something huge in 2018, and it sounds like a reality show!

This is the best news we’ve heard since 2018 began! Tiny Harris got nostalgic on Instagram and posted the opener from her classic reality show Tiny and Toya, which aired from 2009 to 2010. It was a total fan favorite. Of course, as you know, she went on to star in the reality show T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle with husband T.I., starting in 2011, and she’s now part of the docu-series Xscape: Still Kickin’ It. But is another reality show to come? Sure sounds like it from her Instagram caption:

“This took me back! The very first reality show I did & yet still one of the best shows I’ve ever done. I gotta give credit where is due #JamesDebose was the mastermind behind it all. @toyawright we did that! Forever Tiny & Toya our first Ep credit as well!! New Year bringing bigger & better thangs!! #Thankful&Blessed #Tiny&Toya #Thelma&Louise #2018”

A source told EXCLUSIVELY that she and T.I. have been tossing around the idea of doing another Family Hustle season. Now that they’re not getting a divorce, it could totally work! “[Family Hustle] has been a part of their lives for almost 7 years now and they love it. They have a lot of fun sharing their family life with their fans and are willing to do it again.”

The way she’s gushing over her Tiny and Toya days and friendship with Toya Wright (she compared them to Thelma and Louise!), we might actually be seeing a reboot of their reality series! We can’t wait to find out!

Mwbuzzers, are you excited to see what Tiny has in store for 2018? Let us know!

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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Baby Birth Plans — Will Her Sisters Be In The Room?

Khloe Kardashian is finally dishing all about her baby’s upcoming birth. She shared on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ where she intends to deliver her little one and if her sisters will be there.

Hot mama! With Keeping Up With The Kardashians returning on Jan. 7, there’s no doubt that Khloe Kardashian‘s pregnancy will be a big plot line. So the first time mother to be stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Jan. 4 to dish all about her baby joy and show off her growing belly. She’s not wearing to maternity clothes just yet and she looked drop dead sexy in a tight navy mini-dress with a sexy neck cutout and a long-sleeved duster jacket. Since she’s so tall her baby bump seems somewhat small still despite being six months along, but she’s definitely showing and totally glowing.

She told the Jimmy, 50, that her baby will be born in Cleveland, OH so that her child’s father, Cavaliers star Tristan Thompson, 26, has the best chance of being present because she desperately wants him by her side even though the baby is coming during his NBA season. “I don’t know when I’m having the baby yet. I kind of assume it’s just known…he has to be there!” she exclaimed. As for whether or not her famous family members will also be present — which is a Kardashian family tradition for births — Khloe is on the fence about it. “I think I have to talk to Tristan about this. It’s kind of overwhelming,” she said. Koko added that Mama Kris Jenner, 62, would be the first person she’d want in the delivery room besides Tristan, but the rest is up for grabs when it comes to her sisters. “Whoever will annoy me the least. Whoever will keep me the calmest. Watch out Ohio,” she joked. See pics of Khloe’s pregnancy, here.

Khloe actually kept her baby news a secret from her family for two weeks, as she was shocked to learn she was expecting when she took a home pregnancy test after feeling nauseous. The reality star said she was “screaming” with joy when she leaned the results. Koko immediately told Tristan and her assistant Alexa, but the couple didn’t want to share the news with the rest of the clan until he arrived back from from an overseas trip and they could reveal it as a couple. Despite that, the KUWTK crew kept filming her learning about her pregnancy and keeping the news from the rest of her family members. Hah! The cameramen knew before Kris did!

She said that the big reveal that happens on KUWTK is totally genuine because her mom, sisters and friends didn’t know about the pregnancy until she told them when they were all gathered together and the cameras caught the big moment. Oh man, we can’t wait to watch and see how special her huge news is for the rest of her family. They’ve watched her long to become a mom for years now and she’s finally got her wish!


Mwbuzzers, are you shocked Khloe isn’t going to have her baby in LA like everyone else in her family?

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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Marriage Plans With Tristan Thompson: Why They’re Not Rushing

With a baby on the way, are Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson  ready to walk down the aisle? Watch here to find out why Khloe says marriage isn’t a priority!

Don’t expect Khloe Kardashian to walk down the aisle any time soon! Even though her relationship with Tristan Thompson is stronger than ever and they have a baby on the way, there are no plans for a wedding at the moment, she revealed during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “I’m not in a rush for any of that,” she explained. “As you know, I’ve rushed quite a few things before, so right now I’m so loving the place I am in my life and I’m just very happy with how things are going.” She added that they do talk about marriage, but are both “just happy” where they are at the moment.

After months of speculation, Khloe confirmed her pregnancy right before Christmas, and revealed earlier this week that she’s just past the six month mark. As of the Ellen interview, she still doesn’t know the baby’s gender, although she said she definitely plans to find out before giving birth. And, yes, Tristan is treating her like an absolute queen while she’s pregnant. “He’s super protective over me,” she gushed. “He’s really a dream and I feel really lucky. It’s really surreal to me.”

Khloe has wanted a baby for a very long time, and documented her devastation over struggling to have kids with her first husband, Lamar Odom, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In her pregnancy announcement post, she acknowledged that all that heartbreak was clearly meant to be, as her first baby is coming at the right time and with the right person. So exciting!

Mwbuzzers, when do you think Khloe and Tristan will get married?

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Matt Lauer’s NYE Plans: Why He Won’t Be With Annette Roque Despite Trying To Fix Their Marriage

Matt Lauer isn’t ringing in the new year with his estranged wife Annette Roque even though he’s been hoping to save their marriage. Get EXCLUSIVE details here.

Matt Lauer, 60, may be trying to work things out with his wife Annette Roque, after a rocky marriage, but he doesn’t plan on spending New Year’s Eve with her. “Matt is planning to spend a quiet night in on New Year’s Eve, with the kids,” a source close to Matt EXCLUSIVELY told “Annette is going to a friend’s house for a dinner party, which Matt hasn’t been invited to, although he likely wouldn’t go even if he had. Matt really has zero desire to attend any social events right now, he just wants to keep his head down and wait for this whole nightmare to blow over. Matt spent a lot of time on the phone with his agent over the holidays, trying to formulate some kind of career plan going forward. He refuses to believe that his career is over, and he’s sure that he will be able to land another TV gig somewhere—unfortunately though, Matt’s agent isn’t quite so confident.” See photos of Matt and Annette here.

Although Matt’s been away from the spotlight after the shocking sexual harassment allegations, it will be interesting to see where he goes in the new year. We’ll just have to wait and see where his next steps will lead him.


Mwbuzzers, are you surprised that Matt and Annette won’t be spending New Year’s Eve together? Tell us in the comments below.

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