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Dear God, a Lifetime Movie About Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Is Already in the Works

I urge you to take a break from planning your viewing party for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May wedding to listen to this news — whether we’re emotionally prepared for it or not, the couple is getting the Lifetime treatment. I repeat: we’re getting a Meghan and Harry Lifetime movie.

According to Deadline, a film titled Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story is currently in the works at the network. If you’re thinking, “Hey Lifetime, they literally just got engaged, can you chill for one second?” you’re not alone. But, far be it from us to stand in the way of bringing this international love story to the small screen with actors most likely from a superhero show on The CW. Deadline reports that Lifetime announced their royal movie plans at a press event on Sunday:

“The film will examine the history of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the moment they met after being set up by friends, through their initial courtship when they were able to keep their romance under wraps, and ultimately the intense global media attention surrounding their relationship and Meghan’s life as a divorced American actress.”

To be fair, though the couple has only been publicly linked for a relatively short time — they met in 2016 through a mutual friend — there are already plenty of iconic moments from their relationship that this movie can explore. For instance, their romantic date under the stars in Botswana? Or the time a roasted chicken dinner led to a marriage proposal? Or how about the thought process that goes into picking out all of the Suits actress’s truly fantastic coats?

Lifetime has already nailed down Menhaj Huda (The Royals) as a director, but an official premiere date is still up in the air. However, it’s wise to assume it’ll drop sooner than later if Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story follows in the footsteps of Lifetime’s other depiction of royal romance, William & Kate: The Movie. The “biopic” about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship premiered just 11 days before their April 2011 nuptials.

Since Harry and Meghan aren’t due to tie the knot until May 19, there’s plenty of time to cast the film and share it with the masses before they walk down the aisle at St. George’s Chapel. After all, I think we all know who should play them . . .

Image Source: Getty / Samir Hussein

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Plans For ‘Fairytale’ Wedding With White Theme & Organic Food

Looks like Prince Harry is pulling out all the stops to ensure his soon-to-be bride Meghan Markle has the most unforgettable wedding day ever! Details!

Dying for details on Meghan Markle‘s, 36, upcoming nuptials to Prince Harry, 33? So is the rest of the human race! Now, some info has leaked concerned what exactly guests and fans will be seeing when they tune in for the historic wedding on May 19! “Miss Markle has described it as reflecting a fairytale wedding, which, of course, is really what it is,” an insider tells the Daily Mail. “They are having huge fun planning this. No one has ever seen Prince Harry quite like it.” Head her for tons more images of Meghan and her royal redhead!

Curious what guests will be dining on after the ceremony? The source said that, “I wouldn’t be surprised if the menu eventually reflects some of Meghan’s Los Angeles heritage.” We’re guessing that means some colorful and healthy organic cuisine, which is definitely Meghan’s speed! However, they also added that, Harry will likely want a “best of British” theme. Another insider shared this detail, which sounds like it pretty much sums up the plan: “They want it to be fun and reflective of themselves as a couple and of their family and friends that will be there. It will still very much be a royal wedding – just not a traditional one.”

However, just because Meghan and Harry appear to planning a slightly more laid-back event, don’t start thinking that everyone details won’t be scrutinized! The wedding will feature a “white and classic” look and the original source says the former actress has been “very hands-on” with the planning. Also, attendees should expect some surprises along the way! Meghan reportedly wants the affair to include some “quirky” elements. What could that mean?! Guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Mwbuzzers, are you loving these juicy details as much as us?! Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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Meghan Markle: What Those 3 Rings On Her Right Hand Really Mean

Meghan Markle’s getting attention for jewelry that isn’t her engagement ring from Prince Harry! Find out why the future royal wears three gold rings on her right hand here.

We obsessed over Meghan Markle‘s adorable coat and scarf combo when she visited a radio station with fiancé Prince Harry on January 10. There’s another, subtler part of her ensemble that deserves attention, too. Did you notice that Meghan was not only wearing her huge engagement ring, but three, simple gold bands on her right hand? As it turns out, the placement of the rings actually has significant meaning. Cool, right?

So, as you can see in the photo above, Meghan’s wearing thin, gold bands on her thumb, index finger, and ring finger on her right hand. Citing palmistry (palm reading), Daily Mail says that wearing a ring on her thumb indicates “motivation, control and aggression.” Interesting. Meghan’s definitely motivated, but we’re not sure about the other two! According to “spiritualist interpretation,” those who wear thumb rings include “the girl who is the leader of her pack of friends” and “the controlling wife who loves bossing her husband and kids around.”

Something awesome? The site sources another palmist (again, unnamed), who says that “people who typically wear a ring on their index finger include a freshly appointed king, queen or CEO or a celebrity with millions of fans who is ambitious.” That’s totally fitting for Meghan, a famous actress who’s about to become a royal! Plus, royals like Queen Elizabeth I always wore rings on their index finger. Keeping the tradition in the family, it seems!

As for the gold band on her ring finger — Meghan just likes the way it looks. No special meaning there. She just has good style! You may recall that the first time she rocked the pretty ring it sparked rumors that Harry had gifted her a promise ring. Nah, it’s all just a cute fashion statement.

Meghan Markle

Mwbuzzers, do you think it’s cool that Meghan wears three rings now that you know what they mean? Let us know!

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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Cuddle In The Cold During Their First Outing Of 2018 — See Adorable Pics

How cute are these two? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared some sweet PDA during a royal outing, and we’re obsessed. See their hand-holding pics here!

You guys, love is totally real. Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle made their second official appearance since getting engaged about one month ago, and their first outing in 2018. This couple gets more and more adorable by the day! Just take a look at the photos from the January 9 event in our gallery above and try to argue that they’re not the cutest celebrity couple ever!

Harry and Meghan bundled up for the chilly weather in London to visit Reprezent Radio, a radio station that has a training program that helps “raise awareness for an alarming rise in knife crime,” according to Kensington Palace. The engaged couple looked so happy, and so in love at the event! Just like their first public appearance together, they weren’t afraid to show a little PDA. Harry kept his fiancée warm by snuggling up to her sweetly. Royal modesty be damned!

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Holding Hands

Mwbuzzers, are you excited for Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding? Let us know!

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Meghan Markle ‘Really Sad’ Her Half-Sis Is Cashing In On Her Relationship With Prince Harry

Meghan Markle’s beef with her half-sister is taking an emotional toll on her. A palace insider EXCLUSIVELY told all about their feud!

This is more royal drama than an episode of The CrownMeghan Markle, 36, is extremely despondent over her half-sister Samantha‘s plans to write a “tell-all” book about the soon-to-be princess, according to a source inside the palace who gave us the EXCLUSIVE deets. “Meghan and Harry will not be responding to Samantha’s comments, as they have no intention of adding fuel to the fire, or giving her anymore publicity,” our source said. “Meghan is really sad that her half-sister is trying to cash in on her relationship with Harry, but she realizes that it was fairly inevitable. Samantha has been telling people that her upcoming memoir is going to contain ‘explosive’ information about Meghan, that will ‘shock’ the royal family to the core — which is utter nonsense.”

Our palace insider went on to say that Samantha has no secrets about Meghan — because Meghan has absolutely nothing to hide. “There are no secrets about Meghan that can be revealed,” our source added. “She’s been completely transparent about her past and has no skeletons in the closet, so unless Samantha intends to make things up, her book is going to make for pretty dull reading.” Well, it would seem the bad blood between Meghan and her family goes both ways. We reported earlier how Meghan’s father Thomas Markle Sr., 73, was apparently “extremely hurt” by Prince Harry‘s remarks that the royals will become the family Meghan never had.

In addition to her plans to write a book about Meghan, Samantha recently slammed Harry for his remarks about her family. While you wonder if Samantha and Thomas will be invited to the wedding, click here to see pics of celebs, including Meghan and Harry, who had the cutest engagements of 2017.

Mwbuzzers, do you think Meghan and her half-sister will reconcile in 2018? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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46 Pictures of Meghan Markle on Suits to Remember Rachel Zane By

Meghan Markle is best known for her role as paralegal Rachel Zane on USA’s legal drama series Suits. The actress has been on the show since 2011, but now that she’s engaged to Prince Harry, Markle is officially saying goodbye after seven seasons. While it was initially speculated that her engagement might’ve been the reason for her departure, Suits creator Aaron Korsh later revealed that Markle was actually written out of the show long before then.

“I sort of had a decision to make because I didn’t want to intrude and ask her, ‘Hey, what’s going on? What are you going to do?’ So . . . collectively the writers, we decided to take a gamble that these two people are in love and it’s going to work out,” he recently said in an interview with Radio 4’s Today. “What we decided to do was as the season progresses say, ‘Look, I would rather have good things happen to Meghan in her life’ — which would likely mean her leaving the show. So let’s plan on that and it’s much easier to undo that, if it came to it, than to just plan on her staying forever and then finding out she’s going to go.”

Rachel Zane might be gone, but she’ll never be forgotten.

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The 2017 Bad Manners Awards: Meghan Markle Makes The List For Walking Ahead Of Prince Harry & More

How rude. William Hanson, an ‘etiquette expert,’ revealed his Bad Manners Awards, scolding Meghan Markle for walking, Ed Sheeran for shaking hands and more.

Considering all the horrible things that happened in 2017 – growing tensions between North Korea and the United States, terror attacks, hurricanes devastating Puerto Rico – being offended by someone’s manners seems a bit pointless. Yet, William Hanson, a 28-year-old etiquette consultant called “too posh to have a real job,” unveiled his 2017 Bad Manners Awards on Dec. 29. Among the dubious honors, William shamed Meghan Markle, 36, with the “Should Know Better Award” because…she walked in front of Prince Harry, 33. Gasp! She also decided to – wait for it – show her bare legs! 

“Meghan…should have known better in November than to walk AHEAD of her fiancé, Prince Harry, when they visited the city of Nottingham,” William wrote on the Daily Mail. “And on the day of their engagement the American actress shunned the unwritten royal rule that decrees that women wear hosiery. Had the engagement come at the height of summer this judging committee may have been more lenient, but tights or stockings should have been worn, especially when poncing around a pond, in winter.”

“Something as basic as knowing her place in relation to blood royalty and a brazen display of bare legs sadly means we hand her this award,” he added. Well. Meghan is an American and that whole American Revolutionary War sort of means she doesn’t have to follow those “unwritten” rules, especially any outdated nonsense about hosiery. Plus, telling a woman to “know her place” in 2017 seems very tone deaf, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

Ed Sheeran, 26, “earned” the “Worst Breach Of Royal Protocol” award for shaking hands with Prince Charles, 69, after Ed was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire. Ed, who used his left hand to support Charles’s left hand, was a “callous breach of royal protocol.” William suggested Princess Beatrice using a sword to “lop off the singer’s left hand as punishment.” Now, that’s just rude.

William also gave Spice Girl Geri Horner (neé Halliwell) the “Pretentiousness” award because she wore a signet ring, which is traditionally worn by men. “Women simply do not wear signet rings,” he wrote. He also blasted YouTubers Zoella and Tanya Burr for “Sloppy Standards” for going to the supermarket in pajamas, Stoke City’s Peter Crouch, 36, for “Worst Table Manners” for “eating in the American Style,” and the “Disservice To Dress Codes” award to John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons. The British politician decreed that MPs don’t have to wear ties, so long as they’re in “business-like attire.” Scandal!

What do you think about this “Bad Manners” list, Mwbuzzers?

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Meghan Markle Vows To Be More ‘Ladylike’ In 2018: Her NYE Resolution To Stop Swearing

Meghan Markle has been recycling some New Year’s resolutions from year to year — will her engagement to Prince Harry help her stop biting her nails in 2018?

Meghan Markle, 36, has a big year ahead of her. In May, she’ll walk down the aisle in St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and marry Prince Harry, 33, in what’s sure to be the most talked about wedding of 2018. But in order to prep for her royal nuptials, Meghan has a few habits she’d like to kick. On her now defunct lifestyle blog The Tig, the Suits actress confessed in 2016 that her goal nearly every year is to be more ~ladylike~. “Stop biting my nails. Stop swearing. These make my New Year’s resolution list nearly (AKA actually every) single year,” she wrote. “The swearing comes in lulls triggered by being overworked or feeling mighty cheeky after a couple drinks. And when it comes to the biting of the nails — well, it still happens with a turbulent flight or a stressful day. It’s unladylike. But then again, so is the swearing. Dammit.”

While she’s been trying to kick the habits for years, she’s gotten pretty far, bitten nails and all. Not only did she have a successful career in acting (which she’s leaving to focus on her relationship with Harry), but she’s also broken numerous royal traditions since announcing her engagement in November. On Christmas, Meghan joined her fiancée’s family for church service, marking the first time ever that the royals have included someone in holiday traditions who wasn’t yet part of their family. She even curtsied at the same time as Kate Middleton, 35, which is decidedly perfectly ladylike. Harry even gushed about how well she blended with them. “She’s done an absolutely amazing job,” he said on BBC Radio 4 Today. 

If Meghan is determined to quit biting her nails and stop swearing after a couple drinks in 2018, then more power to her. But even if she doesn’t kick the habits in the new year, we’re sure her quirks won’t have any effect on how much Harry, his family, and the entire world love her.

Mwbuzzers, what do you think of Meghan’s vow to be more ladylike? What are your New Year’s resolutions? Let us know!

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Khloe Kardashian, J-Lo, Meghan Markle & More Best Dressed Stars Of The Week

It’s our Best Dressed: Christmas Edition! From sequins to sheer, to a Royal engagement, see pics of the best fashion moments of the week!

Khloe Kardashian put her baby bump on full display in a sheer jumpsuit that was covered in silver sequin fringe. WOW. She looked amazing! She topped off the look with a fur coat for her mom Kris Jenner‘s annual Christmas Eve party. Kris wore a sheer black gown, with colorful accents. Kendall Jenner looked radiant in all white at the party, with a large floral-inspired peplum accent at her waist. A couple days later, on December 27, Jennifer Lopez hosted a taco night where guests like Kim Kardashian chowed down on Mexican dishes. J-Lo wowed in a sequin jumpsuit by Gucci. Casual attire for a fiesta, if you ask me! Ha!

Rihanna was sick for the holiday but wore a red hot, sheer dress with ruffles on the bust by her friend, designer Christopher Kane. She matched the look with a red lip — a shade from her just-released Mattemoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick Collection, in Ma’Damn. Gorgeous! Reese Witherspoon also wore red on Christmas, and posted a picture with her 18-year-old daughter Ava, where they look almost identical!

But the Royal Christmas appearance was really a spectacle, as Meghan Markle stepped out looking flawless in head-to-toe camel. She wore a belted tan Sentaler coat, a Chloe Pixie purse, and over-the-knee boots by Stuart Weitzman. She also wore brown leather gloves and a hat, which made her entire look chic and classic. Kate Middleton looked gorgeous as well, covering her baby bump in a plaid coat by Miu Miu and black accessories. Her fur hat looked super warm and she held a small black clutch. See the best dressed stars of the week in the gallery above!

Mwbuzzers, do you agree Khloe Kardashian was best dressed of the week?

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Meghan Markle Might’ve Been The Next Bond Girl: Engagement Was ‘Final Blow’ In Her Casting

When she gave up acting to be with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle may have passed on the role of a lifetime — as leading lady in the next James Bond film!

By accepting Prince Harry’s proposal, Meghan Markle has committed herself to life as a royal…and that means leaving her show Suits and putting her acting career in the past. Before the engagement, though, she was reportedly being considered for one of the biggest movie roles of all-time — starring as the next Bond girl alongside Daniel Craig. “Meghan fits the role of a Bond girl perfectly,” an insider tells The Sun. “The role more recently has gone to actresses deemed to be rising stars, and Meghan certainly was seen as that before her relationship with Harry became public. The brief was to find a glamorous rising star, specifically someone American or Canadian.”

The site reports that, last year, producers came up with a shortlist of five actresses for the next James Bond film, and Meghan was allegedly one of them. “But the minute her relationship with Harry came to light they assumed she was out of the running so it soon became a list of four,” the insider claims. “Her engagement effectively spelt an end to her acting career, so that was the final blow.” Of course, Meghan will be incredibly busy with her royal duties in the coming years, so she will certainly find ways to keep herself occupied.

The 36-year-old accepted Prince Harry’s proposal over a romantic dinner in November, and they confirmed the news several days later, at the end of the month. Despite not being married into the family yet, Meghan spent Christmas with the royals in the U.K. The lovebirds are set to tie the knot on May 19.

Mwbuzzers, do you think Meghan would have made a good Bond girl?

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