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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reveal Newborn Daughter’s Unique Name, & It’s Precious

Get ready, Kardashian fans — Kim & Kanye West have revealed baby #3’s name, and it’s epic! If you thought North & Saint were creative names, wait ’till you hear THIS!

After much anticipation, Kim Kardashian, 37, and Kanye West‘s, 40, newest child’s name has been announced! The little girl was born on January 15, and four later, on Jan. 19, the stars have unveiled her sweet moniker to the world. Are you ready? Kimye named their newborn daughter Chicago West, sharing the news via Twitter, and we’re kind of loving it! Click here to see precious pics of Kimye’s oldest daughter, North West.

Kanye famously grew up in Chicago, Illinois, which had to have been the main inspiration behind the moniker. Kim also took to her website to share the news, simply writing in big bold letters: Chicago West. Soon after, Kim tweeted “North, Saint & Chi,” so it looks like child already has a nickname! The pronunciation is “Shy,” per Khloe Kardashian, 33. The little one was born at 12:47am on Monday and entered the world weighing 7lbs 6oz.

Already proud parents of North West, 4, and Saint West, 2, Kimye had some expectations to live up to in the baby-naming department. After all, North and Saint are creative and unique names that totally fit both of their adorable kids. We think the pair did a great job with their newest addition though, and her name fits in with the bunch perfectly! Perhaps the stars had some help coming up with it though? After all, as previously reported, Kim and Kanye were considering letting Nori help pick her little sister’s name.

“Kim and Kanye are very concerned about how North is going to react to the new baby. It’s especially challenging because they’re using a surrogate so they can’t even really prepare her,” a Kardashian insider told us EXCLUSIVELY in the weeks leading up to baby number three’s arrival. “Kim has called on a parenting expert to get advice on what to do to avoid sibling rivalry this time around, and one of the suggestions was to let North help name the baby so she feels more invested.”

Apparently Kim was “on the fence” about it, but Kanye “loved” the idea, according to our source. “[Kanye] thinks North is a creative genius and he’s happy to let her name their third child,” the insider explained. Either way, we hope North is handling her sister’s arrival better than how she handled Saint’s. After all, Kim has been super open about North’s jealousy issues. Now that the four-year-old is older now though, hopefully she’s much more accepting!

Tell us, Mwbuzzers — what do you think of the name Kim and Kanye chose for their newest addition? Is it the kind of name you expected?

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Kimbra Explores The Wild Side Of Her Heart On New Song ‘Human:’ It’s A ‘Very Core Emotion’

Kimbra takes us behind her riveting new single ‘Human,’ her upcoming album ‘Primal Heart’ and making a major cross-country move.

Kimbra, the two-time GRAMMY Award-winning, critically acclaimed New Zealand songstress known for mixing pop with rock, jazz and classic R&B, is back with an epic music video for her new jam “Human,” from her upcoming album Primal Heart (April 20.) She breaks it all down for us here!

What was the recording process like for Primal Heart? You’ve been through some pretty big changes over the past few years…
I took a bit of time — there’s never really time off, but I took a road trip across the country and moved to New York. Moving here was a big shift. I wrote a lot of the album in my home studio that I built out of drum machines and synths that I bought. I created the palette that I was going to paint with for this album.

I knew I wanted to take on a different philosophy with Primal Heart; one that would be about searching for that kind of raw emotion that doesn’t need too much decoration to reach the listener. Big shifts happened in my own life — I felt like I was maturing and making decisions for myself and my spirit. Moving to New York was big for me, and I went to Ethiopia twice doing work with a charity over there. I stepped out of my bubble…LA can get narcissistic. It’s good to escape sometimes and work out what I want to really say.

Emily Taylor

What were some of the challenges?
It’s always challenging when you choose to be more vulnerable on a record. Trying to reveal that very core emotion — that’s challenging, because it’s scarier to let people see all of the rough edges. I had moments of doubting that, like, should I get features? Should I get my famous friends to come by? [Laughs] But I just let it be me.

“Human” references the album title. How did that come about? What does it mean to have a “primal heart?”
It came out in the writing session. “I’ve got a heart that’s primal/because I need your love for my survival.” We all kind of looked at each other, like, that’s pretty deep. I started to be like, what does it mean to have a primal heart that actually needs to give love and receive love? There’s this need for community, but it’s a little wild. I started to explore on this album…each of the songs speaks to something that lives in the primal heart, what I believe is the raw material of a human being. Those things are ambition, capacity for love, transcendence, but also greed and ego. That’s the paradox. I’m always writing about duality.

How do you like living in New York now?
I f*cking love it here. The sense of being alone in the city, but also connected at the same time, is so strange. But it’s quite freeing, because I feel, at all times, connected to the vitality of life outside of me. That’s what’s been fun about New York. I go on solo dates! We all live different, crazy lives, and it’s freeing to be in the cesspool of human diversity.

I feel the same. What can we expect from your tour?
I’ve been touring in Europe, and we played a lot of the new record and the response was great. We’re reinterpreting a lot of old material — everything has been filtered through a new lens. I’m a master of the beats! And I can manipulate things on the fly depending on the room. But I don’t have the big funk/soul band like I used to. We’re like a Daft Punk-y, Swedish synth vibe. It’s futuristic. We have a crazy lightning and production design. It’s going to be a multi-medium experience.

Who do you want to collaborate with next?
Kendrick Lamar. Someone who really breaks the mold. Or a duet with Rufus Wainwright. I’m a huge fan! He’s an iconic, classic singer. I love him.

Emily Taylor

How did “Somebody That I Used To Know” change your life?
It gave me a great platform to reach the hearts across the world. That’s been such a gift. My music departs from the style of that song, but people had a personal connection with my voice or my performance of it. That means a lot to me. I’m authentically giving my honest soul and I’m really proud of that song! It’s cool, because these things can be a trap if they don’t represent the artist, but that song did come from a deep place.

I have to ask: where do you keep your GRAMMYs?
They’re in my studio! They’re up on this shelf where my cables are. They’re not really on display so much. It’s a funny one. I’m super proud of them, but awards are not why I make my music. I am inspired when I have those moments of self-doubt…and then I go, oh, shit, that’s cool to be acknowledged at that level, that I [mean] something to people on a large scale. So that gives me courage to keep going!

On to the more random ones. How do you feel about social media these days? Do you feel the pressure to be really active?
I do feel the rub on that sort of [social media] stuff. I’m traditional in the sense that I love the mystery of Ziggy Stardust and Bowie or Prince, but I don’t think I could ever totally disengage. There’s something beautiful about not sharing your entire life on social media and creating a bit of distance, but I’m trying to find the medium where I can express myself in a more longform way. I enjoy blogging and the newsletters I’m doing, because I’ve struggled with Twitter! I want to be able to connect a little deeper, exchange something a bit more…it’s a funny one to balance, but I’ve found blogging has helped me share more.

What’s it like when you recorded “Good Intent” in Simlish for The Sims 3?
It was weird and interesting. Especially with a song that’s a bit sensual in nature, to be doing it in this clunky language…but it was fun!

Emily Taylor

What’s the weirdest or most unique venue you’ve played?
I played in an aquarium in Vermont! I did a set with a friend who plays in Alexander F. We were expecting fish to be in the vicinity but they were around the corner. I was kinda bummed. Like, where are the fish? That’s the only reason I came.

Which band would you drop everything to join if you were asked?
Oh my God, so many. Earth, Wind & Fire or The Mars Volta. That’s a really good question. De La Soul. I’d definitely like to join Destiny’s Child. [Laughs]

What’s your advice to humanity?
Spend more time in stillness and silence. I really believe in the practice of silence. I’m very disciplined about meditation and prayer each day, and I think we live in a world of so much talking, chatter, debate, so many opinions. There’s something grounding about silence. I wish there’d come a day when governments would do nonverbal prayer before they meet, actually sit in silence together and find their center before they choose to speak. I find words have more impact after you pause and think about what you really want to say. I think the world would do better if we embraced that more.

Emily Taylor

Finally, what’s something you’ve been passionate lately outside of your work?
Japan! I played seven shows out there this year, and it was unbelievable. I stayed to explore and couldn’t believe how inspiring that culture was.

Keep up with Kimbra here.

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Nick Jonas Posts Steamy Shirtless Selfie & It’s Just What The World Needs Right Now

Excuse us while we clutch our pearls. Nick Jonas just shared a super hot shirtless selfie, and we can barely contain ourselves. See the new pic, here!

Nick Jonas, 25, proved he’s just like us in the best way possible. Like most of Instagram’s thirsty community, Nick looks like he might need to place an order for Aquafina ASAP. The “Jealous” singer took to Instagram on Jan. 18 to post a picture of his Yankees hat, but instead of featuring it in the forefront of his photo, Nick placed it far behind his hot shirtless body. “My yankees hat looks very cool in the background in black and white,” he captioned the pic seen below. Clearly, he wasn’t really trying to post a picture of his hat, he was just trying to make his thirsty photo not look so… well, thirsty. And for that we applaud him. But in all honesty, Nick doesn’t need a reason to post a shirtless pic. In fact, we hope he does it more often!

Fortunately for us, Nick isn’t the only celebrity who enjoys posting epic mirror selfies. As you can see in our photo gallery here, Demi Lovato, Kim Kardashian and more stars have done the same. Kim has even done so in the nude! Perhaps Nick should take some pointers and show a bit more skin next time around, eh? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for that one. That and a Jonas Brothers reunion, which many fans thought was happening earlier this week.

As we previously told you, fans went wild on Twitter when they thought the Jonas Brothers had reactivated their Instagram account after it went MIA for the last four or five years. Sadly, there aren’t any current plans for the boys to perform together again. But Nick’s new pic should cheer you up!

Mwbuzzers, how do YOU feel about Nick Jonas’ new shirtless pic? Tell us below!

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Meteor Lights Up The Entire, Pitch Black Sky In Michigan & It’s Mind-Blowing — Pics & Videos

For one moment, the night sky over Michigan turned as bright as day. A meteor exploded in the atmosphere near Detroit, leaving onlookers shocked at the rare sight!

It was as if a small little sun decided to visit Detroit on the night of Jan. 16. A meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere around 8:08 PM ET, about five miles away from New Haven, Michigan (which is 36 miles north of Detroit), according to The Verge. The “shooting star” blew up in the sky, illuminating the night with an explosion that was as powerful as a 2.0 earthquake. Dash cams and security cameras in the area captured the sudden flash of light, leaving some residents spooked while others were in awe at what they saw.

“All of the sudden, the whole yard started getting brighter, kind of yellowish-orange, like a flashbulb, then got black,” Mike Tarkowski, a Milford, MI resident told The Detroit News. “It was something big and it was something up in the air.” NASA officials confirmed that its meteor camera spotted the event at Oberlin College in Ohio. Bill Cook, part of NASA’s meteoroid environment office in Alabama, estimated that the meteoroid was about one or two yards across, weight more than a metric ton and travelled about 40,000 to 50,000 miles to Earth. Unbelievable. The flashing light and loud boom was felt across Michigan and seen as far away as New York City and parts of Canada.

“[Meteoroids] over Michigan, they’re rare,” Bill said, before adding that “they happen a few times every month” elsewhere on the planet. Yet, the associated fireballs, or bolides, are “extremely rare,” according to Bob Trembley, a former outreach officer for the Warren Astronomical Society. “Anybody that saw [this Michigan meteor] is lucky.” Clearly, many people did, as social media was lit up (pun intended) by eyewitnesses. “Just saw a meteor streak across the sky just now,” someone tweeted, according to The Detroit News. “It was followed by loud booms about 3 minutes later. Bright blue and orange fire. So glad I saw it!!”

NASA officials will track the meteoroid’s orbit and learn if any meteorites landed or if the pieces burned up in the atmosphere. The fragments typically leave an oval pattern on the ground that scientists and amateur astrologists go far-out for. “I’m pretty sure there are going to be hunters out there looking for it,” Bob Trembley said. Here’s hoping that this isn’t the start of a bad science fiction flick. After all, a rock falling from the sky is how The Blob, Night Of The Creeps, and a half-million other midnight movies start.

Did you see the meteoroid, Mwbuzzers?

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Selena Gomez Still Believes She Can Repair Relationship with Mom Mandy: It’s A Process

Selena Gomez has hope that she can escape the rough patch she’s been going through with her mom, Mandy Teefey, and reconcile. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here.

Selena Gomez, 20, and her mom, Mandy Teefey, 41, haven’t been on the best of terms lately and one of the reasons is because of their disagreement with Selena’s decision to get back with Justin Bieber, 23. However, Selena believes they can still work things out and become close again in the future. “The relationship Selena has with her Mom is very strong but strained,” a source close to Selena EXCLUSIVELY told “When Selena needed a Mom, she was her manager and when she needed a manager she was her Mom. Now with Mandy just as Selena‘s Mom, they are slowly getting on the same page. The kidney surgery helped their relationship but Justin has not. They are still trying to navigate through it all but it’s a process. But with it being a process, it is a process that they both anticipate and are confidant will work out because blood is thicker than water and everything is leading to a good place. It’s just time consuming but obviously worth it to get to where they want to be. They both are young and growing up fast in Hollywood and that is something that is extremely stressful that is adding to everything as well.” See some of Selena and Mandy’s best pics here.

It’s good to hear that Selena and her mom want to work things out. Ever since they unfollowed each other on Instagram, there’s been much speculation on the details surrounding their bump in the road, especially since the duo has always been close. Mandy recently spoke out about their issues and admitted that although she wasn’t happy about Selena dating Justin again, she is still an adult and can make her own decisions.

Although there’s been a lot of controversy with Selena and Justin getting back together, especially after Selena’s rough battle with lupus last year, the couple seem happier than ever. They’ve been seen out and about on numerous occasions, including Justin’s hockey games and on vacations and always appear to be in good spirits. With how important family and friends seem to be to Selena, we hope she works things out with her mom soon!

Mwbuzzers, do you think Selena and her mom will reconcile? Let us know your opinions.

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Will Ferrell Channels Ron Burgundy To Crash Roger Federer’s Interview & It’s Beyond Hilarious

The Australian Open turned into an ‘Anchorman’ sequel. Will Ferrell randomly showed up to ask Roger Federer if he was a witch and more bizarre questions!

So, does this mean Will Ferrell, 50, is the new Bill Murray? Just like the Rushmore star tends to show up in random spots, Will suddenly was on the courts of Melbourne, Australia to talk with Roger Federer, 36, (after an introduction from John McEnroe, 58. “In the immortal words of Ron Burgundy, it’s great to be here with two tennis legends — Roger Federer and John McIntosh,” Will said, playfully teasing the iconic player. Oh, you know that the funny didn’t stop there.

“Roger, tonight you seemed like a gazelle out there on the court. Would you describe your game as a silky gazelle?” Will asked, before moving onto his follow-up question. “Quick question Roger, you’re 36-years-old, you seem ageless. Are you a witch or a vampire?” Funny. While Roger deflected the questions about gazelles, witches and vampires, Will had another burning question for the reigning Men’s Australian Open champion, according to “There’s a rumor in the men’s locker room that you love coming to play in Melbourne and your secret to fitness is you only eat wombat meat. Is that true?”

“It is delicious — the national food of Australia,” Will said in an impromptu Yelp review. “I know how much this crowd means to you, they’re an amazing crowd, but does it get annoying when they just scream, ‘C’mon Roger’ over and over again?” Ultimately, Roger just had a laugh at the whole odd, unexpected interview. He had plenty to smile about. After all, he was basking in the glory of his win over No. 49 Aljaz Bedene, 28. It just took only ninety minutes for Roger to advance past the first round, sending Aljaz home in three straight sets –6-3, 6-4, 6-3. He’ll face Jan-Lennard Struff, 27, in the second round, per ESPN.

It seems Will’s Anchorman is fast becoming a sports movie (or, at least, the favorite movie of sports bros.) Remember how Anthony Rizzo, 28, said he was in a “glass case of emotion” during the 2016 World Series? The Chicago Cubs ended their century-long World Series drought. Huh. If quoting Anchorman is a sign of good luck for athletes, Roger has an added edge in the 2018 Australian Open. Will ended the interview by dropping his immortal line: “Stay Classy, Melbourne.” Indeed.

Do you want to see Will interview more athletes, Mwbuzzers?

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Kris Jenner Worried About Kylie’s Reclusive New Lifestyle: Why It’s A ‘Super Sensitive’ Subject

Fans aren’t the only ones concerned that Kylie Jenner hasn’t been seen out in public lately. Kris Jenner is anxious about her turning into a total recluse!

It’s basically a mother’s job to worry, and Kris Jenner‘s working full-time now when it comes to Kylie Jenner. At some point early on in her pregnancy, Kylie, 20, decided to withdraw from the public completely, a total 180 from her candid and extremely open lifestyle — especially when it came to social media. Seriously; when was the last time you saw a Kylie selfie? Kris, 61, is so worried about her daughter, especially because she’s been through this before. Remember when Rob Kardashian developed severe agoraphobia?

Kylie becoming reclusive “is a super sensitive subject for Kris because she’s already dealing with one child that’s become a total recluse,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She can’t help but worry that Kylie will get stuck in this rut and hide in the compound forever the way Rob seems to be doing. Kris is praying that Kylie will get back out there soon, she’s very worried about her.”

Poor Kris — and poor Kylie. The source told us that Kylie’s not just staying out of the spotlight because she wants to keep her pregnancy a secret. She’s terrified that people will be cruel about her baby weight gain like they were to sister Kim Kardashian, 37. People we so mean to Kim! “[Kylie’s] got major anxiety about it…she knows how harsh people are and she just feels too fragile right now to deal with any sort of body shaming that she’s sure will happen,” the source told us. We hope that she can feel better soon!

Mwbuzzers, do you think Kris has a reason to be worried about Kylie after what happened with Rob? Let us know!

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‘SNL’: Sam Rockwell Drops F Bomb & Fans Freak That It’s The ‘Legacy’ Of ‘Sh*thole’

Did you catch that?! Sam Rockwell just accidentally said ‘f**k’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and fans are convinced that Donald Trump’s ‘sh*thole countries’ insult has left it’s mark on us all! Check it out right here!

Sam Rockwell, 49, just stepped in it. The recent Golden Globe recipient is this week’s host of Saturday Night Live and in one of the episode’s first sketches he plays a science teacher on a TV show trying to teach kids about the different types of matter. He pours oil into a glass of water and asks the kids to say what they see except they aren’t able to keep up. That’s when Sam drops the F bomb! In no time Twitter exploded with incredulous responses! Head right here for loads more images from season 43 of the hit series!

“I had no idea who Sam Rockwell is so I looked him up on IMDB. And…I don’t think there’s ever been a person who has been in more things that I’ve never heard of. But he said f**k’ on TV so I think he’s lovely,” one fan wrote. ” “Sam Rockwell accidentally saying “f**k” on SNL isn’t nearly as offensive as what our president has said this week,” another chimed in. “Sam Rockwell just said F**K on SNL!!! Well, if @realDonaldTrump can say sh*thole in meetings…” yet another wrote. It’s almost impossible not to compare Sam’s flub to President Donald Trump‘s allegedly racist comment this week. But has the president’s remarks changed the game?

“Anyone with their panties in an uproar over Sam Rockwell’s F-bomb on SNL needs to take a look around the country and shut the f**k up,” another viewer said. It’s really hard to argue with that!

Mwbuzzers, did you enjoy that segment as much as us?! Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Raps An Ode To Stanley Tucci Played By Sam Rockwell & It’s Genius

Tucci Gang! Where you at?! Pete Davidson and host Sam Rockwell just paid tribute to fellow actor Stanley Tucci in the best way possible — with a hip-hop anthem! Head here for all the details!

Okay, the comedy powerhouse behind Saturday Night Live just outdid themselves! Pete Davidson, 24, took on rapper alter ego Lil Pump to perform a rousing homage to Stanley Tucci! Haven’t hard of him? No worries! Lil Pump and host Sam Rockwell, 49, are here to educate you! The pair dance their way through a high school while dropping some knowledge on just what makes Stanley Tucci so great! Here’s a choice lyric: “Some of you don’t know the know, that’s that guy from the Hunger Games. Transformer: The Last Knight, Beauty and the Beast and Spotlight.” How about this gem: “I got mad respect for his range, he should’ve Dr. Strange. The Devil Wears Prada was sick! If you don’t like Stan, you’re a dick.” It’s random and weird and wonderful! Check out loads more images from season 43 of the hit comedy show right here!

If you tuned in at all in 2017, then you know that SNL has not shied away from the serious hot-button issues in America and has earned a reputation for sharp comedy in response to troubling political and social issues. Take for instance, when the largely vilified Republican tax plan was about to pass in Dec. Michael Che, 34, commented on Weekend Update that, now that President Donald Trump, 71, has served his purpose, his days are numbered. “You know once they get this tax bill passed, they won’t need Trump anymore,” he said. “They already got what they wanted. I mean… it’s not like they like you. Don’t you think it’s a little odd that they passed this bill at 2 a.m. the same night they found out Flynn was snitching on you? They know something.”

But our favorite sketch of the year has to be when Michael decided to go undercover as a liberal white girl to better understand their way of like. To do this, he donned a blonde wig and became “Gretchen.” He read a Lena Dunham book, he got brunch with friends and he shut down a man when he decided to start mansplaining! When a guy at a dinner part tried to argue that white people struggle as much as any demographic, Gretchen lost her cool! “Your masculinity is mad toxic right now, my ni**a!” Michael replied. Love it!

Mwbuzzers, what did YOU think? Did you love that sketch or nah? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Margot Robbie Reveals If She’s As Big Of A Badass As Tonya Harding: It’s Quite Admirable

Margot Robbie just gushed about taking on the role of Tonya Harding and if she’s as tough at the infamous ice skater!

Margot Robbie, 27, is having the best year ever! The gorgeous Australian actress is the star of I, Tonya, a biopic on the American ice skater Tonya Harding, 47, and her fall from grace after fellow skater Nancy Kerrigan, 48, was attacked by associates of her then-husband Jeff Gillooly in 1994. caught up with Margot on Jan. 13 where we asked her about taking on the challenging role and if she’s as tough as Tonya. Head here for loads more images of Margot looking incredible!

“I do not know if I am a badass,” Margot told HL. “Tonya the character definitely is. I mean she is very unapologetic about who she is and very willing to call out unfairness when she saw it. I think there is something quite admirable in that.” Tonya’s story is filled with serious hardship and no shortage of alleged domestic violence, which the real-life athlete overcame. That’s not including her mother LaVona “Sandy” Golden‘s allegedly brutal treatment of her, including an incident in which she reportedly threw a knife at her daughter.

Margot also revealed that, when she first read the script, she didn’t know that it was a true story! “Well I read the script initially as a producer but when I read the role I couldn’t see anything I had in common with her and that excited me,” she said. “I was just curious about her and why she did the things she did and said and then I found out she was a true-life person because I thought it was fiction when I first read it. I was intrigued with a brilliant script and then it being a true story it took a whole new meaning after that.” Clearly she found the role of a lifetime!

Mwbuzzers, are you loving Margot’s responses as much as us? Let us know in the comments section below!

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