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Don't Freak Out, but the Trailer For Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Is Finally Here!

We’ve already seen all the haunting pictures, but now we have the stunning visuals that prove season two of Hulu’s award-winning series, The Handmaid’s Tale, is going to be its best yet. Watch the trailer above, then check out everything we know about the second season of the dystopian drama, which premieres April 25.

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‘SNL’: Sam Rockwell Drops F Bomb & Fans Freak That It’s The ‘Legacy’ Of ‘Sh*thole’

Did you catch that?! Sam Rockwell just accidentally said ‘f**k’ on ‘Saturday Night Live’ and fans are convinced that Donald Trump’s ‘sh*thole countries’ insult has left it’s mark on us all! Check it out right here!

Sam Rockwell, 49, just stepped in it. The recent Golden Globe recipient is this week’s host of Saturday Night Live and in one of the episode’s first sketches he plays a science teacher on a TV show trying to teach kids about the different types of matter. He pours oil into a glass of water and asks the kids to say what they see except they aren’t able to keep up. That’s when Sam drops the F bomb! In no time Twitter exploded with incredulous responses! Head right here for loads more images from season 43 of the hit series!

“I had no idea who Sam Rockwell is so I looked him up on IMDB. And…I don’t think there’s ever been a person who has been in more things that I’ve never heard of. But he said f**k’ on TV so I think he’s lovely,” one fan wrote. ” “Sam Rockwell accidentally saying “f**k” on SNL isn’t nearly as offensive as what our president has said this week,” another chimed in. “Sam Rockwell just said F**K on SNL!!! Well, if @realDonaldTrump can say sh*thole in meetings…” yet another wrote. It’s almost impossible not to compare Sam’s flub to President Donald Trump‘s allegedly racist comment this week. But has the president’s remarks changed the game?

“Anyone with their panties in an uproar over Sam Rockwell’s F-bomb on SNL needs to take a look around the country and shut the f**k up,” another viewer said. It’s really hard to argue with that!

Mwbuzzers, did you enjoy that segment as much as us?! Share your thoughts and reactions in the comments section below!

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Did Khloe Kardashian Accidentally Post Kylie Jenner’s First Baby Bump Pic? Fans Freak Over This Snap

In Khloe’s snap of the kids getting ready to open their Xmas gifts, everyone whips out their phones to capture the cuteness. Is that a pregnant Kylie in the lower right corner?!

Kylie Jenner, 20, is that you?! Khloe Kardashian, 33, documented the fam’s Christmas morning on Snapchat Dec. 25, but some fans think she accidentally included a pregnant Kylie in one of the snaps. “You can definitely see Kylie’s preggo belly on [Khloe’s] snap chat…bottom right with the red nails,” one fan commented on Instagram. The first figure in the snap is likely Kim, due to the blue slippers. As for the second? Hmm!

While it’s not 100% clear whether it’s Kylie or not, it’s worth pointing out that that none of the other sisters were rocking red nails that day, so it can’t be one of them, and the hands are definitely too young-looking to be Kris Jenner, 61, or another family member! So did Kylizzle accidentally debut her baby bump, thanks to Khlo? Or is it another family member wearing the PJs, which are just a bit unforgiving? 

It’s also worth pointing out that Kylie’s only full-on appearance on Khloe’s Snapchat was from the neck up, and she was wearing a white top, rather than the pajamas, as she wished fans a Merry Christmas. “A wild Kylie was spotted on Khloe’s Snapchat [and] she wasn’t wearing the festive pjs,” another fan tweeted. “Is it because they’re too small because there is a belly involved…? Stay tune[d] and hopefully we’ll find out!”

Well, it’s possible that Kylie changed into the pajamas. We’ll probably never know for sure unless more photos surface later on!

Kardashian Kids On Christmas

Mwbuzzers, do you think Kylie is the woman with the red nails in Khloe’s Snap? If not, let us know who you believe it is!

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SpaceX: Celebs & SoCal Residents Freak Out Over Bright White Light In The Sky

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait…WTF is that? Residents of SoCal, including celebs like Adam Lambert, couldn’t believe their eyes when a bright light appeared in the night sky on Dec. 22. Many thought they saw a UFO!

It looks like we’ll still be waiting on that alien encounter. Several Los Angeles residents were in utter shock when they noticed an eye-catching bright, white light appearing in the dark skies on the evening of Dec. 22. The shocking sight stopped traffic, sparked curiosity and instantly became the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter. Sorry to let you down, but the spectacle was actually the “contrail from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that was scheduled to liftoff from Vandenberg Air Force Base this evening,” according to the website Celebs couldn’t help but chime in after spotting the bizarre light. “WTF is this white glowing cloud,” Adam Lambert wrote via IG. See more pics of SpaceX, right here.

“LA…what the heck is this weird jellyfish thing going across the sky right now!?!,” Jenna Fischer, the Office actress wrote. Radio Personality JoJo Wright also caught a glimpse of the light and took to Twitter. “#Aliens are landing!!! 👽 This sighting above @UniStudios by @iAmLettyB!!! Some say it’s #SpaceX, I say #UFO!!!! 🛸.” Courtney Love added her two cents about the jaw-dropping display and she gave major props to Elon Musk! “@elonmusk is taking us into the future. Watch out universe, here come the weirdest aliens you’ve ever seen, us! @SpaceX 🚀#notSanta,” the starlet wrote. Iron Man‘s Don Cheadle kept it short and simple, writing: “uh…”

Lisa Vanderpump even hilariously commented about her drama while taking to Twitter about the white light. “I apologized for everything I said about u, thought they would be my last words @KyleRichards I take it back lol,” she quipped, alongside a pic of the SpaceX rocket. Residents couldn’t believe their eyes and many were questioning what they just witnessed. It caused such a stir that the Los Angeles Fire Department knowingly put out an advisory to give piece of mind to concerned locals about the “mysterious lights in the sky,” explaining how it’s from the Vandenburg launch. Phew!

Mwbuzzers, did the bright light shock you? Tell us, below!

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Gwen Stefani & Her Kids Freak Out Over Blake Shelton’s Win On ‘The Voice’ & It’s So Sweet — Watch

Gwen Stefani and her kids love Blake Shelton. After Blake’s epic season 13 win, Gwen and her little ones celebrated with Blake with hugs and that ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ jacket!

Gwen Stefani, 48, and her kids weren’t in the audience during The Voice finale, but they were watching the night unfold on TV. When Blake Shelton’s contestant, Chloe Kohanski, 23, won season 13, Gwen couldn’t help but scream with joy. “The kids are going to be so excited,” she says on her Instagram Story. Gwen and Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 3, met up with Blake after the show. The kids were so pumped to see Blake. Apollo ran up to him for a sweet hug, and Gwen filmed the whole adorable encounter! Zuma also put on the “Sexiest Man Alive” jacket that Blake was wearing during the finale and walked around with it on. Kingston later wore the jacket, too! It’s a pretty awesome jacket, to be honest.

Blake’s big win was the perfect way to kick off the holidays. Gwen and Blake are planning on spending the holidays together, and learned EXCLUSIVELY that he’s ready to “relax, travel and just be with her [Gwen] and her kids” after The Voice. “He wants to be a boyfriend and shower Gwen with all the attention over the holiday season,” our source revealed. The Voice starts up again in Feb. 2018, so Blake and Gwen are going to get lots of quality time together! We found out that Gwen is planning a “romantic surprise” for Blake!

The country crooner, who was named PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” earlier this year, continues to be the coach with the most Voice wins ever. In addition to season 13, his team won season 2, 3, 4, 7, and 11. No wonder Gwen is so proud of her man!

Gwen Stefani

Apolla Rossdale


Mwbuzzers, are you glad Blake’s contestant won The Voice? Let us know!

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