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Sam Rockwell drops F-bomb during ‘SNL’ sketch

Frances McDormand may have been unnecessarily bleeped by the censors during her Golden Globes acceptance speech, but Sam Rockwell had the opposite problem while hosting Saturday Night Live.

The actor accidentally dropped an F-bomb during the live broadcast in a sketch in which he plays the host of a PBS science series who gets a frustrated when his student guests (Cecily Strong and Mikey Day) don’t follow what he’s trying to teach them.

“You can’t be this f—ing stupid!” he tells them, to gasps from the crowd and shocked reactions from his costars. He added, “I’m sorry,” before continuing on with the sketch.

SNL has seen a fair number of accidental F-bombs over its lengthy history — most recently, Kristen Stewart dropped one during her opening monologue last year when she said, “We’ve got a great show, and I totally care that I’m here because it’s the coolest f—ing thing ever.”

Head here for a full history of SNL’s F-bombs. This post will be updated with the full (bleeped, we’re sure) sketch once it’s available.

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Carmelo Anthony Drops The F-Bomb On Live TV After Westbrook Pours Water Over His Head

Carmelo Anthony was all smiles last night after OKC’s win over the Clippers… and maybe he was a bit too happy. The NBA star dropped an F-bomb in a post-game interview after Russell Westbrook poured cold water over his head!

Ah, the beauty of live tv! It was impossible to sensor Carmelo Anthony‘s R-Rated language after OKC’s win over the LA Clippers [127-117] on January 4. The NBA forward, 33, dropped an F-bomb and more cuss words [as seen below] last night during a post-game interview. After Russell Westbrook, 29, surprised him with a cold shower from behind, Melo squirmed in shock as he yelled, “Ah, motherf—–, s–t!” The interviewer immediately pulled the microphone down from Melo’s mouth, but it was too late; The world had already heard him yell the the dirty words.

It’s unclear whether or not the NBA will fine Melo or not for his use of explicit language. His teammate, Westbrook may know a thing or two about his situation since he was fined last year for cursing in a post-game interview. Westbrook was fined $15,000 by the league after he said “I don’t give a f–k about the [stat] line” following an incredible 51-point game in a loss to the Houston Rockets. However, Melo might not be worried about a fine. The 10-time All-Star was all smiles after last night’s win over the Clippers, where he dropped 22 points. Melo also hit a major milestone last night, as he passed Patrick Ewing on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. He is now 21st overall with 24,829 points, which set Ewing back with 24,815 points in his career.

Fans can also catch Melo, in animation that is, on their Apple smartphones. He just released is own line of animated emojis — MeloMoji — with Audioisms. Melo’s app is “the world’s first app to have Audioisms,” Apple’s description reads, adding that Audioisms allow users to put Melo’s voice directly into their conversations. MeloMojis contain dozens of Audioisms that were pre-recorded by Melo himself. There also tons of emojis created by Melo.

The Thunder will travel to Phoenix this weekend, as they are set to play the Suns on Sunday, January 7 at 8 PM.

Mwbuzzers, do you think Melo should be fined?

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