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Brandi Rhodes Wants To Shake Things Up On ‘WAGS Atlanta’: I’m Not Your Typical ‘Homemaker’

Brandi Rhodes is about to be the next big name in reality TV. Ahead of her ‘WAGS Atlanta’ debut, she dishes on her relationship and why there’s never been a ‘WAGS’ star like her!

WAGS fans better get ready, because Brandi Rhodes, 34, is about the change the game. The former WWE superstar and current Ring Of Honor wrestler debuts on WAGS Atlanta on Jan. 17 (10pm ET/9pm CT on E!), joining a cast that includes: Kaylin Jurrjens, wife of MLB star Jair Jurrjens, 31; Kierra Douglas, wife of Tennessee Titans wide receiver Harry Douglas; and Shuntel “Telli” Swift, the girlfriend of boxer Deontay Wilder, 32. Yet, don’t expect Cody Rhodes’ better half to simply be another pretty face, as she’s changing what it means to be a “wife and girlfriend.”

“Well, for me what I am hoping you will see [on WAGS] is kind of the opposite of what you think of when you think of a southern wife,” she EXCLUSIVELY tells “I learned a lot in filming the show of what is typical of a lot of southern wives. And I don’t fit the bill in any way shape or form. So, I was an interesting addition to the cast, in that I am not a homemaker.”

“No description of that fits me at all,” Brandi tells That’s an understatement. Brandi is a former competitive figure skater, ex-news reporter, current professional wrestler, model and the founder of her own swimwear line, Confection Swimwear. Obviously, she is not the typical “homemaker” that fans might expect to see on WAGS Atlanta — and that’s the point

“In my opinion, a homemaker is someone whose sole purpose to make the husband comfortable [while] and they go out and make the earnings. In my household, they all go hand in hand. Of course, I make my husband as happy as possible, but he is also trying to make me happy and he knows that me working is what makes me happy. We just have this kind of power couple dynamic where a lot of the other couples don’t and [some other women] are afraid to work because their husband might be upset because he might not have the dishes done when he gets home. Where I am just like, ‘hire someone else to do that!’” Brandi says while laughing.

“So I am hoping a lot of what you will see is kind of that strong, healthy dynamic where my husband supports me just as much as I support him and all of our endeavors,” Brandi says. “And we work a lot together too, so the portrayal that I am hoping people see – women who are feeling kind of discouraged about getting out there and having careers, I am hoping they will see that and say, ‘Oh hey, man. She is able to do all that with everything that is going on with her husband and his schedule. I should be able to figure it out too.’”

Brandi and Cody do often work together, as the couple has made noteworthy appearances in Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Impact Wrestling. While working side-by-side all the time might cause some relationships to flounder, Brandi and Cody have found a way to make their love flourish.  “Well I think with us trial and error has been key,” Brandi says. “Nothing works perfectly the first time but we put respect at the beginning of everything. So there are plenty of times where we are working together and doing things we don’t agree with each other but respect is at the head of that argument. So, its like, instead of fight or fuss about it, we will wait till the time is appropriate and then I am going to bring it up and say ‘here is XYZ’ and why I think we should do this. And a lot of times that is super helpful, rather than flying off the handles or not getting your way over something.”

“It’s kind of like you want to look at it from all angles. Especially in entertainment,” she adds. “So definitely a lot of trial and error but for the most part we are able to come together with things and make them work and a lot of times its about the reactions we get from them. …It was very funny when my husband went platinum blonde for the first time in his life for the [Ring Of Honor] Final Battle PPV and he so badly wanted to give it away before the moment and I kept saying to him — ‘no! You are not going to give this away, this is a bigger moment than you think’ — and he got mad at me because I wouldn’t let him take a picture beforehand.”

“But, man — when we got out there on stage and he lifted his hood and the fire popped up behind him, the crowd went bananas ad I was like, ‘I am right! See I am right!’ That moment would have been gone had he given it away. So things like that happen all the time where he will say, ‘I don’t think you should do that and I won’t…’ and then I will be like, ‘You were right’. So it is nice, we kind of balance each other out.”

Speaking of fire, expect Brandi to bring it when she partakes in the Women of Honor tournament that will crown Ring Of Honor’s first female champion. Brandi takes on Karen Q. in the tournament’s opening match on Jan. 20 in Nashville, Tennessee. While her match with Karen Q should be a slobberknocker, there’s one person she’s gunning for. “You know, so many people in this tournament are very fierce competitors in their own ways but I have had big problems in the past with a girl named Kelly Klein,” she tells

“She has a winning streak, a unbeatable winning streak right now but she cheats… I had a rough go with her in Atlanta and I was really close to defeating her in Atlanta so if I am up against her I am sure she will be ready to kill me but I have to be one step ahead of her. So I am hoping and looking forward to her in this tournament and knocking her out.”

Will Brandi knock out Kelly in the Women of Honor championship tournament? Will she be a knockout when she joins WAGS Atlanta? Wrestling fans better get to Nashville to watch her in action, after the tune into E! at 10pm ET / 9pm CT to see her debut.

Mwbuzzers, are you excited to watch Brandi on WAGS Atlanta?

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Atlanta Vs. Philadelphia Live Stream: Watch The Eagles Fight The Falcons In The NFL Playoffs

It’s an aviary football showdown! The soaring Philadelphia Eagles look to clip the Atlanta Falcons’ wings. This NFL Playoff game starts at 4:30 PM ET so tune in to watch every second!

The Atlanta Falcons pulled off a massive upset, defeating the dominant Los Angeles Rams in the 2018 NFL Wildcard round. Now, they have a much bigger, fiercer challenge ahead of them: the Philadelphia Eagles. Though Philly lost their star quarterback Carson Wentz, 25, before the end of the regular season, they managed to pull off some noteworthy victories with their backup, Nick Foles, 28. With the Dirty Birds flying north to Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field, will the home field advantage be enough for the Eagles to soar above Matt Ryan, 32, and the rest of the Falcons? Or will Atlanta continue its march back to the Super Bowl?

The Eagles, the No. 1 seed in the NFC, will make history with the game…but not in a way they’d like. The Falcons are a 2.5-point favorite over Philly, making the Eagles the first No. 1 seed to be an underdog in the divisional round since 1970, according to the Washington Post. Only five previous home teams have been underdogs, but they were No. 2 seeds. To see what is arguably the best team in the NFC basically be considered a lucky loser is indeed a shock.

The issue that has Vegas oddsmakers spooked about the Eagles is that Nick Foles has only completed 54.0 percent of his passes for a 77.7 passer rating in his first three starts. The Eagles’ offense has also dipped since the changing of the guards, dropping down to 1.2 points per drive from 2.4. The 0-16 Cleveland Browns were averaging 1.2 points per drive during the regular season. That should give anyone a scare. With the Falcons determined to redeem themselves from last year’s Super Bowl self-destruction, Philly better get good – and fast – if they want to survive this game. Otherwise, the Eagles will be watching Super Bowl 52 from the comfort of their couches in the city of Brotherly Love.

Football fans can watch this game via NBC Sports’ streaming portal (after entering in the required information.) Click Here to watch the Falcons Vs. Eagles Game Live Stream

Do you think the Falcons will head back to the Super Bowl, Mwbuzzers?

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T.I. Officially Getting Into Politics As He Joins Atlanta Mayor’s Advisory Team — Congrats

Yes, he can! T.I. is getting political by being a part of the new mayor of Atlanta’s 38-person transition team. Read about his new duties here!

With great power comes great responsibility! T.I., 37, may be known for his verses, but he’s officially entering the political fray by becoming a part of Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottom‘s advisory team after she recently won a run-off election by 759 votes. We already knew that T.I. was a vocal critic of police brutality, but this new position proves that he’s ready to make a difference. As part of her statement, Bottom said, “I am grateful to announce this 38-strong transition team. It represents a tremendous amount of diversity and depth, and really the best and the brightest in the city of Atlanta.” But T.I. isn’t the only rapper helping Mayor Bottom improve the city of Atlanta! Along with T.I., Bottom’s transition team also includes Killer Mike, 42, from the group Run the Jewels, the CEO and Chairman of UPS David P. Abney and CEO of Delta Airlines Edward H. Bastian. Congrats, T.I.! When it comes to his hometown city, we hope he uses his “you can have whatever you like” approach to bringing change!

We reported earlier how T.I. forced Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 42, to abruptly cancel an interview based on the publication’s connection with Floyd Mayweather, 40, with whom Tiny reportedly had a fling with back in 2017. While Tiny has repeatedly denied that she ever got involved romantically with the boxer, apparently it’s still an issue for T.I.

T.I. also recently got into some hot water for liking an Instagram post that said, “The woman is created to be a wife, be in the home, raise the children and please her husband.” Click here to see the cutest pics of T.I. and Tiny!

Mwbuzzers, what do you think of T.I.’s new responsibility? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Atlanta Vs. Los Angeles Live Stream: Watch The Falcons Battle The Rams In The NFL Wild Card

The Atlanta Falcons have gone from competing in the Super Bowl to fighting for their life in the Wild Card. They take on the Los Angeles Rams at 8:15 PM ET so don’t miss this match.

What a difference a year makes. The Atlanta Falcons, once a high soaring, high scoring offensive threat, barely made the 2017-18 NFL playoffs. It’s not going to get any easier for Matt Ryan, 32, and the rest of the Dirty Birds, as they’re taking on a shockingly good Los Angeles Rams team in the NFC Wildcard round. If they manage to somehow get by LA, them they’ll have to go mano y mano (or in this case, wing vs wing) with the Philadelphia Eagles. It’s not impossible for the Falcons to return to the Super Bowl, but it’s not going to be easy.

Speaking of which, give it up for the Rams. In a single year, Los Angeles went from being ranked dead last in the NFL in scoring in 2016. Then, in the first year under the guidance of head coach Sean McVay, the Rams have scored more points than any other team in the league, according to CBS Sports. The change also revamped Todd Gurley, as the running back went from a measly 3.2 yards per carry to leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage while scoring 19 touchdowns. The same transformation turned Jared Goff, into a legit threat. Though he stumbled in his rookie season, he’s improved – considerably. This season, he’s thrown 28 touchdowns (up from 5 from last season) and finished the regular season with a 100.5 rating, up from 63.6.

While the Falcons are viewed as an underdog – as Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones, and Alex Mack will play, despite being banged up by lingering injuries – they come into this game having played the second-most total playoff games of any team in the NFC field, according to USA Today. The Rams have the fewest, 21 to Atlanta’s 143 (only the Carolina Panthers, at 187, have more.) Will this experience help? Or will this stat just be something cute that Falcons fans tell each other as the Rams go on to the next round? There’s only one way to find out.

Sports fans can catch this game via NBC Sports (after providing the appropriate login info.) Click here to watch the Atlanta Falcons Vs. Los Angeles Rams Live Stream

Do you think the Rams will go on to the Super Bowl, Mwbuzzers? Or do you think Atlanta will return to avenge their loss?

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‘WAGS Atlanta’ Star Telli Swift Dishes On Wild Romance With Deontay Wilder & All The Drama Of Season 1

The ‘WAGS Atlanta’ franchise premiere features glamorous relationships with some fierce drama and sat down EXCLUSIVELY with star of the show, Telli Swift, ahead of the Jan. 3 premiere for a sneak peak. Check out all the juicy details on the hot new series!

For the last 3 years Telli Swift, 30, has been the backbone to world champion boxer Deontay Wilder, 32, and she’s beyond ready to take her relationship with the heavyweight fighter to the next level and start wedding planning. “Deontay is my job,” Telli tells EXCLUSIVELY. “I’m his stylist, I’m the chef, I’m the maid, I’m everything.” And, she really means EVERYTHING. In addition to being Deontay’s girlfriend, she also serves as his personal caretaker. “Well, I’m a nurse. So, I can help him heal, recover and everything else,” said Telli. “Prior to Deontay, I was a nurse here in LA, so I guess that’s what makes it work for him. being that he’s never lost, I don’t have to worry much. He doesn’t get hit too much, so I don’t worry unless he does and that makes it easier for me.”

It must be nice having a woman in your corner who can literally heal your battle wounds, but don’t think Deontay’s chomping at the bit to get married. Deontay is super reluctant to put a ring on it and that doesn’t sit well with Telli. “I felt like I performed all of the duties of a wife without the title,” she says. “I kept asking myself, why are you cooking, why are you cleaning, why did you stop working? You did all of this for your man and you’re not married. It’s like you’re playing house. He’s milking the cow for free.” Ladies, stop us when you’ve heard this story before, but for any relationship to prosper, there’s always give-and-take. Deontay and Telli like to give each other the finest things money can buy, “For his birthday on Oct. 22 I threw him a surprise party in Atlanta and he had a custom cake with Louis Vuitton boxing gloves,” says Telli. “I got him exactly what he asked for which was a silk Versace robe. For my 30th birthday he bought me a Bentley, which is my dream car, so that’s the least I could do for him. He’s the boss.”

Deontay and Telli’s wild romance is absolutely must-see TV! The drama that will ensue among the ladies won’t be any different. “There’s a lot of pettiness going on. There’s one who’s openly sexual, the girl who lies too damn much, we have a Southern belle, of course, we have a beauty queen too. Then there’s me who everyone feels like I’m super boujee and I’m pampered because I’m from LA and they’re all from the south,” dishes Telli. Major shade is definitely coming and we’re here for it!

Mwbuzzers, are you looking forward to watching all of the drama of WAGS Atlanta? Let us know in the comments below!

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Carolina Vs. Atlanta: Watch As The Falcons Try To Make The NFL Playoffs

It’s do or die for the Atlanta Falcons. If they don’t beat the Carolina Panthers, they can kiss their NFL playoff hopes good-bye. Kickoff is at 4:25 PM ET so don’t miss it!

It’s amazing the changes that can happen in a single season. The Atlanta Falcons have gone from competing (and losing) the Super Bowl to the verge of missing the playoffs entirely! Matt Ryan, 32, needs to lead the Dirty Birds to one more win in order to secure one of the last spots in the 2017-18 postseason. The problem? They have to face the surging Carolina Panthers. Will “Matty Ice” wake his dormant offense, or will the Panthers make a quick snack out of the Falcons?

The Panthers have already secured a spot in the playoffs – so have the New England Patriots, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints. Speaking of the Saints, the New Orleans squad is probably why the Panthers won’t roll over and purr for the Falcons. Though Carolina has clinched a spot, a win over Atlanta (and a Saints loss against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) would give the Panthers the NFC South title. It would also give them a first-round bye. While that scenario seems like a long shot, it’s at least a shot, so the Panthers will be at their best for this match.

Atlanta was once considered an offensive juggernaut in the 2016 season (thought, a juggernaut that happened to run out of gas in the second half of Super Bowl 51. Ouch.) They’re currently 15th in points per game, a year when they lead the league in PPG. Matt has also thrown more interceptions (four) than touchdowns (three) in the past four games, per CBS Sports, and their red-zone offense has “completely tanked.” Julio Jones, 28, hasn’t caught a touchdown during the past four-game slump, and they’re about to take this limping offense against a defense that’s seventh in yards allowed and third in sacks.

“We’ve put ourselves into a position where we have an opportunity to play our way in.” Matt said ahead of this game, per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. At the beginning of the year, that what you always want is to be in the mix. We are excited about that. You know, it doesn’t matter. We have to win one game. We’ve got to worry about the opponent that we are going against and have the best week of preparation that we can. Not trying to do anything out of the ordinary. Just do what we do, the best that we can do it. That’s usually the best recipe for success.” Hopefully, the Falcons are ready for the Panthers, or this game will mark the end of their season.

Sports fans can watch this game via Fox Sports (check local listings) after entering in the appropriate login info. Click here to watch the Carolina Panthers Vs. Atlanta Falcons Live Stream

Do you think the Atlanta Falcons will make the playoffs, Mwbuzzers?

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