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Aziz Ansari Is ‘Feeling The Love’ From Female Defenders After He’s Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

Aziz Ansari feared the worst when a woman he went on a date with accused him of sexual misconduct, but he’s feeling more ‘hopeful’ now. Find out why!

Aziz [Ansari] is feeling the love from all the women rushing to his defense. What his accuser described as the worst night of her life is now quickly becoming the worst night of his life too,” a source close to the comedian tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He feels horrible that a woman he dated had such a bad experience with him and he was shocked when she decided to discuss his private life publicly. But now that so many women, like Wendy Williams and Ashleigh Banfield, are publicly defending him, Aziz is starting to feel a little bit better. Aziz feels his accuser has taught him a valuable lesson about trust and relationships and he will be more careful in the future. While Aziz had been fearing how this woman’s story may affect his career, he is now hopeful, thanks to all the women publicly supporting him, that people will realize he did little wrong.”

As we previously shared with you, an anonymous woman accused Aziz of sexual misconduct after having a “bad date” with the comedian. The 23-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer came forward on January 14 with allegations that she had an “uncomfortable” sexual encounter with him. But the woman’s allegations ended up being just a bit of a miscommunication between her and the actor, as opposed to him acting inappropriately. They both engaged in sexual acts with each other — he just wasn’t aware that she wasn’t as into it as he was. He quickly apologized for any miscommunication, and women like Wendy Williams and Ashleigh Banfield quickly came to his defense.

“Then why didn’t [she] just bite it and leave?… “Why didn’t [she] just grab [her] coat and leave?” Wendy Williams wondered on her talk show, Jan. 16, after hearing about the news. She then called the woman a “dummy”. “Girl, this was not the #MeToo movement; This is what you call a bad date,” Wendy said. “Now, everybody’s after her. I don’t even like her and I don’t even know her…I’m with Aziz, for now!”

HLN host Ashleigh Banfield, 50, also used a portion of her segment on Crime & Justice on Jan. 15 to call out the anonymous woman. “You’re 23. What a gift. Yet you look that gift horse in the mouth and chiseled away at that powerful movement with your public accusation. You had an unpleasant date. And you did not leave. That is on you. And all the gains that have been achieved on your behalf and mine are now being compromised by the allegations that you threw out there, and I’m gonna call them reckless and hollow,” she said.

Mwbuzzers, do YOU think Aziz Ansari did anything wrong? Tell us how you feel below!

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Kevin Spacey Accused Of Blasting Security Guards With The N-Word On ‘House Of Cards’ Set

Kevin Spacey’s is facing racism accusations after allegedly calling security guards the ‘N’ word on the ‘House of Cards’ set. We’ve got the details.

Actor Kevin Spacey, 58, became a virtual Hollywood outcast after over a dozen men came forward with sexual misconduct and assault allegations against him in Oct. and Nov. of 2017. While it was enough to get him fired from Netflix’s  House of Cards, now there are new accusations that in addition to being an alleged sexual predator, he’s also an alleged racist! Earl Blue, 51, the head of VIP Protective Services, has broken his five year silence to claim that Spacey refused to talk to black security guards and even called them “n***ers” while his team worked on season one of the Netflix series back in 2012. Blue says that he complained about it to producers, and later his company wasn’t asked back for season two and his $1.1 million contract wasn’t renewed.

Blue revealed to the Daily Mail that he heard the actor tell his personal security manager, “I don’t want n***ers watching my trailer,” when he noticed there were black security guards protecting it. He also said that Spacey went so far as to not even acknowledge the very presence of black members of the security team. Blue told the DM that he voiced his concerns about it to the set managers but was told, ‘That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy.” For five seasons Spacey starred as the lead character Frank Underwood on House of Cards and Blue says that everyone referred to him as “The Powers That Be” because he wielded so influence over the production.

Blue’s business has provided security for other HBO shows in the past and he said that at the end of the first shooting season he was told that the producers were pleased with VIP Protective Services’ work for the show. Yet their $1.1 million contract was not renewed as the show went into its second season. He says he’s now going to sue Spacey because his firm — which has over 40 employees — has suffered the loss of business to the tune of millions of dollars since the House of Cards fallout.

‘I was a tremendous fan of the man but now I am disgusted by him. I lost faith that I am in the right job after the contract was terminated. I questioned myself for months. What could I have done differently? ‘Then I came to the realization that I did everything I was supposed to do, I was just dealing with a racist man. I sat on it for four years because I believe in confidentiality, but when it comes to the point where people are being harmed, enough is enough. I realized he was getting worse and worse,” he told the DM. His set supervisor Eric Lyles, 47, backed up Blue’s claims to the publication.

Netflix so far has not commented on Blue’s allegations. Spacey’s reps dropped him following the sexual assault allegations and he has not yet spoken out on the new accusations about racism. has contacted his attorney to see if the actor has a response to the claims.

Mwbuzzers, do you believe the racism allegations about Kevin Spacey?

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Victoria Beckham Accused Of Using ‘Stick Thin’ Model & Promoting Eating Disorders

People are furious with designer Victoria Beckham and her newest sunglasses campaign which uses an “anorexic looking model.” See all of the outraged responses.

Victoria Beckham, 43, just came under a barrage of criticism from enraged fans who were outraged about a new sunglass campaign that used a model they described as “unhealthily skinny and gaunt.” While promoting her new eyewear collection, the former Spice Girl took to Twitter to share a photo of a model rocking some vintage frames. “Back to work! Start the year with new frames from the Spring Summer 2018 #VBEyewear collection inspired by 1970s retro classics and updated for a feathery-light, fresh and modern look,” she captioned the pictures. While sunglasses are one of those things that actually can be one-size-fits-all, Twitter was NOT happy by the casting choice for the campaign. People bashed Victoria for promoting eating disorders due to the model’s thin frame.

The woman in the campaign could be perfectly healthy and not be suffering from any sort of eating disorder, so accusing a model for what might very well be her natural size is also not a good look. But promoting highly unrealistic standards for what women’s bodies should look like is definitely a discussion that needs to be had — and tweeters are ready to call out those responsible. “Sorry to say victoria. You should know better in employing models that look unhealthy that skinny,” a Twitter user named Angela Carter-Begbie wrote. “Whether this model is naturally thin or not, you have chosen her. That is irresponsible and unworthy of so prominent a designer. Public feeling is not with you on this,” Twitter user Tony Balmforth noted.

Promoting an eyewear line could have been a great opportunity to use various models of all body types, so we can see where the frustration is coming from, especially considering Victoria said in 2011, “Models are thin. But I do take my position seriously and I wouldn’t want to use very skinny girls.” See some of the outraged responses to Victoria’s choice in model below:

Mwbuzzers, what do you think of Victoria’s choice in model? Let us know in the comments!

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Aziz Ansari Accused Of Allegedly Forcing Date To Touch His Penis & More In Sexual Misconduct Claims

Aziz Ansari has been accused by an anonymous woman of pressuring her to perform oral sex on him. Read the new claims here.

An anonymous woman has come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct against Master of None star Aziz Ansari, 34. has reached out to Aziz’s reps for comment on these claims, but we have not received a response at this time.

While speaking to babe, a 23-year-old Brooklyn-based photographer claims that after meeting the actor at the 2017 Emmy Awards after-party, he asked her for her phone number and promptly set up a date in New York on Sept. 25, 2017. The woman, referred to under the alias “Grace” as a means to protect her identity, says that after getting dinner at an Oyster bar, Aziz and her went back to his TriBeCa apartment on Franklin St. After walking into his kitchen, the woman says she complimented his marble countertops. “He said something along the lines of, ‘How about you hop up and take a seat?’” She then says he began kissing her. “In a second, his hand was on my breast.” He then allegedly undressed them both, and she says she recalls feeling uncomfortable. She claims that he performed oral sex on her and asked for the same. “It was really quick. Everything was pretty much touched and done within ten minutes of hooking up, except for actual sex.”

The anonymous woman says she kept trying to give verbal and non-verbal cues that she wasn’t enjoying the alleged experience. “Most of my discomfort was expressed in me pulling away and mumbling. I know that my hand stopped moving at some points,” she said. “I stopped moving my lips and turned cold… I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn’t interested. I don’t think that was noticed at all, or if it was, it was ignored.”

After allegedly asking her to have sex repeatedly, the woman says she went to the bathroom to collect herself, and once she re-entered the room, Aziz asked if she was ok. “I said I don’t want to feel forced because then I’ll hate you, and I’d rather not hate you,” she said. “He said, ‘Oh, of course, it’s only fun if we’re both having fun.’ The response was technically very sweet and acknowledging the fact that I was very uncomfortable. Verbally, in that moment, he acknowledged that I needed to take it slow. Then he said, ‘Let’s just chill over here on the couch.’”

After going to the couch, the woman alleges Aziz tried to reinitiate oral sex. “He sat back and pointed to his penis and motioned for me to go down on him. And I did. I think I just felt really pressured. It was literally the most unexpected thing I thought would happen at that moment because I told him I was uncomfortable.”

The following evening after the alleged encounter, Aziz sent a text message to the woman. “It was fun meeting you last night,” he allegedly wrote. “Last night might’ve been fun for you, but it wasn’t for me,” the woman responded. “You ignored clear non-verbal clues; you kept going with advances… I want to make sure you’re aware so maybe the next girl doesn’t have to cry on the ride home.” After her response, he wrote back, “I’m so sad to hear this. Clearly, I misread things in the moment and I’m truly sorry.” has reached out to Aziz’s rep for comment. Babe has also asked Aziz’s representatives for comment on this woman’s account, but did not receive one.

Mwbuzzers, what do you think of these claims?

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‘Vogue’ Photographer Mario Testino Accused Of Groping & Masturbating On Male Models

You may not know Mario Testino‘s name, but you know his work. The 63-year-old fashion photographer has captured the likenesses of the Royal family and many other well known celebrities, including Serena Williams for the latest cover of Vogue. But his name is now making headlines after the New York Times reports that 13 male models and assistants who’ve worked with the famed photographer allege that he committed various acts of sexually inappropriate behavior toward them. The NYT also reports that fashion photographer Bruce Weber, who contributed to Vogue in the past, as well, faces sexual misconduct claims from 15 different male models.

One of the claims comes from Hugo Tillman, who started freelancing as a photo assistant for Mario in 1996, and eventually became his fourth assistant.  “I was often made to feel uncomfortable on shoots, asked to massage Mario in front of other assistants, models and fashion editors,” Tillman alleges in the New York Times pice. He goes on to clim that Mario once allegedly grabbed him on the street and tried to kiss him. He also allegedly met Mario in a hotel room during a business trip, where he claims the photographer allegedly threw him on a bed, climbed on top of him, and pinned down his arms. At that point, Mario’s brother allegedly came into the room and told him to get off the assistant.

“Sexual harassment was a constant reality,” alleges another of Testino‘s assistants from the late ’90s, Roman Barrett, who also claimed the photographer rubbed up against his leg with an erection and masturbated in front of him. “He misbehaved in hotel rooms, the backs of cars and on first-class flights,” he said. “Then things would go back to normal, and that made you feel gaslighted.”

While Voguehas worked with both Mario and Bruce, and with Mario as recently as their February 2018 issue, they will no longer be working with either of the photographers in light of the allegations. “We are deeply disturbed by these accusations and take this very seriously—as previously noted in our statement regarding sexual harassment,” a Vogue spokesperson tells HollywoodLife “In light of these allegations, we will not be commissioning any new work with them for the foreseeable future.”

In a statement posted on the Vogue websiteAnna Wintour also addressed the accusations, while noting that the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast, is rolling out a new Code of Conduct for outside contributors, which includes that models must pre-approve shoots that involve nudity or sexually suggestive poses. “Today, allegations have been made against Bruce Weber and Mario Testino, stories that have been hard to hear and heartbreaking to confront. Both are personal friends of mine who have made extraordinary contributions to Vogue and many other titles at Condé Nast over the years, and both have issued objections or denials to what has emerged,” Anna wrote. “I believe strongly in the value of remorse and forgiveness, but I take the allegations very seriously, and we at Condé Nast have decided to put our working relationship with both photographers on hold for the foreseeable future.”

Mwbuzzers, this story is still developing. We will keep updating as more information unfolds.

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Eric Greitens: Facts About Married Missouri Governor Accused Of Blackmailing Lover

Another day, another political scandal. MO. governor Eric Greitens confessed to having an affair, and has been accused of blackmail, too! Learn more about the situation here!

1. He’s confessed to an affair with an unnamed woman: Missouri Governor Eric Greitens confirmed to local St. Louis station, News 4, that he slept with another woman (allegedly a hairdresser) while married to his wife. The information surfaced when a recorded confirmation between the woman and her ex-husband was released by the ex. The affair was consensual, but could have serious consequences for his political career. He has only been governor for a little over a year.

2. The woman accused him of blackmail in the tape: The woman told her ex-husband, captured on the tape, that Governor Greitens allegedly blackmailed her during their consensual sexual encounter. After allegedly tying her up and blindfolding her during sex, she claims that “he stepped back and I saw a flash through the blindfold and he said you’re never going to mention my name, otherwise there will be pictures of me everywhere….He tried kissing my stomach and tried to kiss me down there but didn’t quite get there because I flipped out and I said you need to stop.”

3. He denies the alleged blackmail and alleged assault: While the governor has confessed to the affair with the unnamed woman, he denies the allegations that he blackmailed her and alleged slapped her. Albert Watkins, an attorney representing the woman’s ex-husband (who released the tape), claims Greiten assaulted the woman. “When she admitted that she’d had sexual relations with her husband during a period of reconciliation, that the governor slapped her,” Watkins told CBS News. Watkins also lobs the serious claim that Greitens allegedly made “physical contact” with the woman in a hospital while he wife was giving birth.

4. He thinks the story is a hit piece by a political rival: Governor Greiten’s attorney alleges that the blackmail/assault story is a ‘hit piece’ by former Democratic state party chairman Roy Temple. Temple, of course, denies this. “If my goal was to have inflicted political harm on the governor, I would have brought this information public before the election,” Temple said.

5. His wife has forgiven him for the affair: Missouri’s First Lady, Sheena Greitens, announced in a statement that, “We have a loving marriage and an awesome family; anything beyond that is between us and God. I want the media and those who wish to peddle gossip to stay away from me and my children.”

Mwbuzzers, are you shocked by the allegations against Governor Greitens? Let us know!

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T.I. Accused Of Forcing Tiny To Cancel Interview Over Reporters Connected To Floyd Mayweather

Say what?! T.I. is being accused of cancelling Tiny’s Hollywood Unlocked interview due to their affiliation with Floyd Mayweather. Watch the video here!

Well, this is awkward! Rapper T.I. is under fire after a Hollywood Unlocked reporter claimed he nixed their Xscape interview on Jan. 11. The frustrated reporter explained that after preparing for the interview, and being told all members of Xscape would be present, the interview simply didn’t happen. “The reason I was given was that T.I. did not want Tiny or her group to do the interview because of our affiliation with Floyd Mayweather. Now, this is ironic because Floyd told me that him and T.I. just ran in to each other recently and ‘peaced’ it up. So, I’m confused. T.I. why get in the way of our interview,” the reporter said.

T.I. cancelling the interview is not a surprise. If you didn’t know, Tiny and Floyd Mayweather had a brief fling back in 2017, and T.I. might not be over it. We completely understand! Although Tiny claimed her and Floyd were only friends, the famous boxer admitted to having sex with her! Many fans believed this was the reason Floyd and T.I. got into an explosive flight in Las Vegas on May 25, 2017.

Nevertheless, this drama all went down while T.I. and Tiny were separated. The couple has since rekindled their romance, and seem to be doing better than ever! Their divorce is currently on hold and they are enjoying a “honeymoon” phase, quite literally! They can’t keep their hand off of each other, and they may even be trying to have another baby! Go them!

Mwbuzzers, what do you think of T.I. cancelling Tiny’s Hollywood Unlocked interview? Let us know your thoughts below.

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James Franco accused of sexually inappropriate behavior by five women

Five women have come forward with allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior against James Franco, claims the actor has previously denied as “not accurate.”

During Sunday’s Golden Globes ceremony, where Franco received best actor in a musical or comedy for The Disaster Artist, the actor was accused of inappropriateness by multiple women over social media. In a new exposé published by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, two of those women, actresses Violet Paley and Sarah Tither-Kaplan, elaborated on their allegations.

Paley, who initially tweeted claims about Franco during the Globes ceremony, told the publication the actor pressured her into performing oral sex on him just after they had just entered into a romantic relationship.

“I was talking to him, all of a sudden his penis was out,” Paley said. “I got really nervous, and I said, ‘Can we do this later?’ He was kind of nudging my head down, and I just didn’t want him to hate me, so I did it.” She explained how she was able to stop the situation by claiming to see someone near their car.

Paley and Franco would later continue a consensual sexual relationship, but, looking back, she said, “I would say, ‘No, stop, get out of my car.’ The power dynamic was really off.” Paley said she also emailed Franco after the Harvey Weinstein scandal to express her frustration over Franco’s purported treatment of her. (Paley provided The Times a copy of the email to review.) Allegedly, he didn’t respond right away but later called her to try and make amends.

Franco’s attorney denied Paley’s accusation as “not accurate” and pointed to Franco’s recent remarks on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in disputing the others.

“The things that I heard that were on Twitter are not accurate, but I completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn’t have a voice for so long,” he had told host Stephen Colbert, in part. “So, I don’t want to shut them down in any way. It’s a good thing and I support it.”

Tither-Kaplan, a former acting student at Franco’s Studio 4 film school that launched in 2014, claimed Franco removed protective plastic guards that covered actresses’ vaginas while he simulated oral sex on them during a scene for his 2015 feature The Long Home. (Franco’s attorney, according to the Los Angeles Times, denied the claim about the removal of the plastic guards.) Tither-Kaplan said she was then asked to appear topless in a separate scene that required her to dance with an animal skull atop her head. The actress said she had signed forms agreeing to nudity because she considered it a big break. When another actress was unwilling to perform the dance scene, she was allegedly sent home the next day.

“I got it in my head pretty quickly that, okay, you don’t say ‘no’ to this guy,” Tither-Kaplan said.

Hilary Dusome and Natalie Chmiel, two other acting students at the time, said Franco became angry during a strip club shoot when none of the women would agree to go topless.

“I felt like I was selected for something based on my hard work and my merit, and when I realized it was because I have nice [breasts], it was pretty clear that was not the case,” Dusome said. “I don’t think he started teaching with bad intentions, but he went down a bad path and damaged a lot of people in the process.”

Katie Ryan attended classes, as well, and she claimed the actor “would always make everybody think there were possible roles on the table if we were to perform sexual acts or take off our shirts.” Again, Franco’s representation denied these allegations and told The Times that they would investigate complaints regarding the school.

The night before the publication of The Times report, Franco spoke to Seth Meyers on NBC’s Late Night and addressed the previous misconduct claims made via social media.

“Yes, I was sent a couple of the tweets, so yeah, I did read them,” he said. “I haven’t responded. I think — well the ones I read were not accurate, but one of the things that I’ve learned is that this is a conversation that obviously needs to be had. There are people, women and others, who have not been a part of this conversation and I truly believe and why I was wearing the pin is that they need to be a part of this conversation and so I support that.”

Actress Ally Sheedy, who worked with Franco on his Off-Broadway directorial debut The Long Shrift, had also written in a series of deleted tweets, “Why is James Franco allowed in [to the Golden Globes]? Said too much.” She added later, “James Franco just won. Please never ever ask me why I left the film/tv business.”

When asked about Sheedy, Franco said, “Yes, I had a great relationship with her. She took the tweet down. I don’t know. I really don’t.”

“Not curious enough, though, to reach out to her as someone that you’ve had a good relationship before to try to understand why she would have done that?” Meyers countered.

“It was so shocking,” Franco replied. “I don’t know, I just… I guess I’m just letting it be.”

The actor then echoed a statement he made to Colbert. “I think what I really learned and being here and this week and that show that we were you know, [the Globes]. I mean, it was so powerful in there.

“Like I said, you know, there are stories that need to get out,” he continued. “There are people that need to be heard. I have my own side of this story, but I believe in, you know, these people that have been underrepresented getting their stories out enough that I will, you know, hold back things that I could say just because I believe in it that much. And if I have to take a knock because I’m not gonna, you know, try and, you know, actively refute things, then I will, because I believe in it that much.”

Representatives for Franco did not immediately respond to request for comment.

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‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Gunplay Accused Of Attacking Ex With A Brutal Head Butt

‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Gunplay was shockingly accused of allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend by intensely head butting her and we’ve got all the details. Get the facts here!

Yikes! Love & Hip Hop Miami star Gunplay, 38, has been accused of allegedly attacking his stripper ex-girlfriend, Aneka Johnston, after the two had a heated argument that eventually went from verbal to physical, according to a police report obtained by The Blast. The rapper was at The Office strip club in Miami with his current girlfriend, Keyara, on Jan. 1 when the altercation took place, a source told the outlet. Aneka happened to be one of the dancers performing at the club that night and she spoke with Gunplay which led to him waiting in the parking lot until her shift ended and then allegedly attacked her around 3 AM when she came out. Eek!  See photos from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood here.

After the alleged attack, it didn’t take long for Aneka to file a police report. There was a “verbal dispute in regards to relationship issues,” according to the report. It also claims that Gunplay “became irate and struck Miss Johnston upon her face with his head.” Aneka drove herself to the hospital after the scary incident and was treated for bruising on her face and neck as well as a scratched cornea, the report further reveals. The Miami police have concluded the investigation and referred Aneka to the Florida State Attorney’s office if she decides to press charges against Gunplay. We’ll definitely be on the lookout to see where this unfortunate incident leads!

Nothing about this situation sounds good for Gunplay but this isn’t the first time a L&HH star has had their fair share of troubles! Hazel-E from the Hollywood version of the VH1 show was in hot water back in Oct. 2017 for expressing some harsh words on social media about the LGBT community. This show’s cast members definitely have no shortage of drama on or off screen but we guess that’s what makes for good television! We hope Gunplay and Aneka’s issues get worked out soon and no one else gets harmed!

Mwbuzzers, are you shocked at the accusations against Gunplay? Let us know!

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Russell Simmons Reportedly Accused of Rape By Two Women At His Home & Office, Bringing Total To 14

Russell Simmons has now been accused of raping two more women in addition to the 12 that have already come forward. Get the shocking details here.

Russell Simmons, 60, has been the latest to encounter rape allegations by two women in addition to the 12 that have previously accused him, making the total number 14. Law enforcement officials have said that the two most recent allegations came from women who filed police reports with the NYPD in late Dec. 2017, according to TMZ. One of the women, Sherri Hines, claims that Russell allegedly raped her in his office in 1983 and the other, who has chosen to be anonymous, claims he allegedly raped her when she was 32 at his Manhattan home in 1991. The latter explained that Russell allegedly tried taking off her dress while she was sitting on his couch before pushing her down with force and raping her. Eek. These claims definitely make the the already bad situation seem even worse. See pics of Russell throughout his career here.

Sherri had already discussed her experience last month when she appeared on the Megyn Kelly show but the anonymous woman’s claims are brand new. Russell has denied all the allegations and even took a polygraph test, which he passed, to prove at least one wasn’t true. Popular publicist, Kelly Cutrone, made headlines when she also claimed Russell tried to rape her when she was 26. With a great reputation as a successful music mogul, all of these terrible accusations, especially in the wake of the #MeToo movement, could definitely put Russell’s future career at risk.

While Russell works on dealing with his reputation, seven of the accusations from these women are currently being investigated by NYPD and more probably will be in the future. When reached out to the NYPD for a comment, they told us that, “The NYPD has received information regarding allegations involving Russell Simmons in the NYC area and our detectives are in the process of reviewing that information.”

Mwbuzzers, are you shocked by the accusations against Russell? Let us know.

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