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Scott Disick & Tyga Pitching Reality Show Again: Sofia Richie, Kylie Jenner Clones & More Wild Details

Scott Disick has a wild idea for his own new reality show. We’ve got EXCLUSIVE details on how it will include pal Tyga as well as Kylie Jenner clones!

Even though Scott Disick, 34, will always be part of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because of his three kids with ex-partner Kourtney, 38, he wants to grab the spotlight — and the cash — all for himself in a new reality show. Not only that, he’s going to be bringing along Kylie Jenner‘s ex Tyga, 28, for the ride! “Scott’s back to wanting to do a reality show with Tyga only it’s a whole new pitch. Now that he’s with Sofia Richie he wants her included. He and Tyga are kicking around a lot of ideas, including one where they try  to find Tyga love,” a source close to Scott tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He’s got a very specific type when it comes to looks, he pretty much wants another Kylie and there’s talk of playing that up for the show. Have a bunch of Kylie clones all vying for his affection with Scott as his wingman,” the insider adds. Tyga already proved he’s a fan of girls who look just like Kylie back when he dated British model Demi Rose, 22, during one of the former couple’s many breakups. Long brunette hair,  brown eyes, huge lips and a giant butt…check, check, check and check! Kylie’s overall look is so wildly copied and easily achieved that should be pretty easy to find her twinsies in LA.

Scott won’t be on the prowl for love though, as he’s still dating 19-year-old Sofia. “Scott has promised Sofia that she can be a part of the show too and he has ever intention to stick to his word. Now that Scott has decided to truly move on from Kourtney he wants to make his own mark separate from her, he’s very motivated to do this,” our insider adds. While Scott and Sofia on their own haven’t been successful in landing their own reality show yet,  the antics of The Lord alongside Tyga could be pretty entertaining. They’ve been totally bro-ing out lately and it would also totally irk the Kardashians and Kylie if her ex profits off a dating quest to find love with her look-alike!

Mwbuzzers, would you be down for a reality show featuring Scott and Tyga?

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