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Rob Kardashian Doesn’t Feel Sorry For Blac Chyna’s Crappy Love Life: She Only Has Herself To Blame

Rob Kardashian has no sympathy for his ex Blac Chyna’s difficulties with finding a good man and he thinks it’s a reflection of her own decisions. Get the EXCLUSIVE details here!

Blac Chyna, 29,  hasn’t had the best of luck with her love life among the media circus since her split from Rob Kardashian, 30, but Rob is not taking the blame or letting it bother him. In fact, he thinks it’s Chyna’s own fault! “Rob honestly doesn’t feel he’s stuck in the middle of anything,” a source close to Rob EXCLUSIVELY told “Chyna is the only one who has been keeping this entire charade going in the media and he think it’s hilarious that Blac thinks his family has had anything to do with her dating life. I mean, Chyna has been in a few relationships since she and Rob have split and if anything, he feels that dudes are finally seeing Chyna for who she really is and they don’t want anything to do with her. Everything that has supposedly happened to Chyna has been done on her own accord and she should have known exactly what could happen if she came after their family.” Eek! This sounds kind of harsh but it’s definitely not surprising considering the issues these two have had in the past year. Check out pics of Rob and Chyna’s rocky relationship here!

Despite Rob’s strong feelings about Chyna, he’s been out of the spotlight since all the drama that erupted over social media and has seemed to keep things under control, especially with the former couple’s 1-year-old daughter, Dream. “Rob has done everything he’s been directed to remain a great co-parent to Dream and although he would never wish any negative energy on the mother of his daughter, he thinks the people are speaking for him when people aren’t willing to put up with her games,” the source continued.

Rob’s strong feelings about his ex match up with Chyna’s feelings about him and the Kardashians. She recently made headlines when she blamed the family‘s bad portrayal of her in the media as the reason her reality show with Rob was cancelled and has stated that it could affect her ability to make money in the future. The family struck back by not only disagreeing, but also claiming that Chyna wasn’t the best mother to Dream and often left her at home under someone else’s care while going out to party. Yikes! We hope these two can get things sorted soon!

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