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Justin Bieber & 8 More Stars Who Are Completely Covered In Tattoos

These stars are just addicted to the ink! From Justin Bieber to Adam Levine and more, check out celebrities who have tattoos ALL over their bodies.

Fans have followed along as Justin Bieber continued to tat up his body in recent years, but over the last several months, he’s taken his body art to the next level. In October, he revealed that he had gotten his entire chest and stomach covered in ink — before the new addition, he only had three tattoos at the top of his pecks. Now, his full-stomach tat features a variety of images, from gargoyles to skeletons and more. He’s had most of his arms tatted up for quite some time, but he added even more to the sleeves recently, and there’s not much space left for new work on his arms or stomach. Whoa!

The Biebs isn’t the only one who’s covered in tattoos, though. Adam Levine has ink all over his body — his stomach, back and arms are completely covered. Super badass! David Beckham rocks a similar look, with art displayed all over his toned figure. Both guys aren’t afraid to show off the tats, either, and — let’s be real — it kind of makes them that much sexier! Then there’s stars like Miley Cyrus, who isn’t overwhelmingly covered, but still sports tattoos all over her body. Tats are scattered all throughout her arms, hands, ribs and more.

Click through the gallery above to check out the ink on these stars and more — you’ll be shocked at how many tattoos some of these celebrities have! You either love ’em or hate ’em, and these nine have definitely gone ALL out!

Mwbuzzers, whose tattoos do you like best? Are you surprised that any of these stars have so much ink?

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